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I enjoy cooking at home.  Growing up, my mom and grandma did all the cooking in our house and everything we ate was fresh, no boxed, canned or frozen food.  We couldn't afford a microwave then so warming up food means a pot over low heat on the stove !  It was a simple life !

Now that I'm married, many boxes of Kraft dinner and Campbell's soup cans later, I wanted to make home made food for hubby and our children.  We strive to eat fresh food, eat a variety of food, and eat what's in season.

My cooking style is Northern Vietnamese, so it's a bit different from the food you see at local Vietnamese restaurants (mainly Southern or Central Vietnam).  I learned to cook from my mom, aunts and mother in law.  Living in BC Canada, we are limited on ingredients too so we have to make do with what's avail. at the markets near us.  When I get request for recipes, I do try to measure everything and post the recipe up here - but please do give or take a pinch or two when it comes to seasoning (we are sodium conscious) !!!  I cook mainly by eyeing and by taste.  Friends would ask me why their results are often different, the look and texture aren't like mine.  I can only think perhaps the way we mix our food make them different.  This I can't help but take it as you putting in your own twist to my recipes !

I wrote all these recipes here mainly for my children, families and friends.  They are familiar with my cooking and want the recipe so they can cook the same dish for their families.  If you do want to give my recipe a try, please taste and tweak it to suit your palate.  If the food is not salty enough, season with fish sauce (the good kind (like 3 Crabs or Red Boat) makes a world of different).  If you want more sweet, add a bit of cane sugar.  If you need to add a bit of sour or tangy taste to a dish, use lime or tamarin.  I can't handle spicy food but if you want to add some heat and bite to your dish, use cayenne pepper or birds eye Thai chili.  Play around with the seasoning and spices until you have a dish that's your own.  Good luck in your cooking !

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