sunny tropical Honolulu

We went back to Honolulu again for spring break !  It's the closest warmest place we can travel to from here.  We can barely handle 6 hrs in the air last time so we knew not to go pass that.  It doesn't surprise me if Hawaii will be our usual spot every spring break.  Our kids love to swim in the ocean and while California is just down the coast, the sea water isn't warm enough to jump into in March.

Since this is our 2nd times with the kids here, it's a lot easier to get around as we know all the kids friendly places.  Baby Peanut, being a year older now, is behaving better in restaurant settings.  Our lunch and dinner options improved greatly.  However, I must say again, I find Honolulu to be quite expensive.  The prices are a little higher than here in Vancouver, that and the added 37% conversion rate (bank rate) makes everything all the more expensive.  But as hubby would say, when on vacation, you can't stress over prices !  Harder for me than him.

International Market Place and Royal Hawaiian Center is still our favorite place to rest between the beach and our next meal.  There's an open area at each place for the kids to run around and let our their steam.  There's also an additional small play area up at the roof top of International Market.  The night market here is still a great place for evening treats.  The fresh donuts and fresh pressed cane juice are delicious.  As for food, every where is decent, but Marukume Udon still is our favorite !  The kids eat everything there !  it's fast and convenient and best of all, very tasty.  While the udon price is quite affordable, it's very easy to go overboard with the tempuras :-)

Open green spaces for kids.  The city really knows how to make every shopping center kids friendly !

There are lots of ice cream and shaved ice shops down Waikiki strip, however Nana Ice Cream won most of the time ! 

Our girls love the beach so every day we're there !  We switched up the locations every day or every other day to get different views and feels.  In my opinions, all the nice beaches are out East or up North of Honolulu - which you'll need a car to get there.  We did go to Kailua beach once on the bus, 2 transfers from downtown Waikiki, and it was a long ride !  I think it was about 1 hr 15 min on bus and 20 min walk from the bus stop to the beach.  The bus there also not stroller friendly.  You can take it on but it has to be folded flat.  By the time we arrived at the beach, kids were cranky and we were tired (not a good combo).  We recovered fast as the beach was so nice.  However, we will never do that again :-)

Some friends asked me what we do on the beach everyday with our 3 kids.  My short answer is that, you don't need to plan to do anything !  Just show up, put a towel down, and relax !  Ideas will come :-)  For the kids that is.  Our kids came up with many creative ways to spend their time !  Our girls made cakes, dug a pool, built castles, covered each other with sand, searched for fishes/shells/corals, swam, jumped over waves, played "mermaids", and many more I can't remember.  As for Peanut, since he's younger, he tagged along with the girls for some of the activities but came up with a few of his own.  He was searching for dinosaurs' bones !  There are a lot of white corals on the shore so we gave him a fish net to hold all his findings.  He also dug for treasures (we hid his toys in the sand for him to dig up) and went fishing with his fish net.

Duke's Lagoon.  Shallow lagoon for kids at the Hilton Village.  Our kids prefer the other side of the lagoon,
facing out into ocean, as they love the waves !  I couldn't agree more.

Lanikai beach !  Small beach with lots of sea life.  Snorkels/goggles is a must.

Kailua beach !  Powdery sand that goes for miles.

Playing at the beach !  I fell in love with this guava drink.  Cheaper to buy in 6 pk at Walmart.

Our bright & airy condo rental !  Full kitchen, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (separate room for shower/bath and toilet),
3 beds, living room and dining area, and large wide door that opens to a big balcony (overlooking the pool) 

Visiting downtown and Chinatown of Honolulu

Until next time Waikiki !  Thank you for the wonderful memories !