school's out for summer 2018

School's out for weeks now !  I am home full time with 3 kids !  It's play play and play all day everyday for us.  I didn't want to sign them up for anything at first but then gave in and signed them up for swimming.  It will give me and the girls some time together without disruptions from the Terrible 2 :-)


The girls and I made a salad with items we found in our garden !  it was wildly fun  :-)

I remember waiting for summer break to start when I was young.  I look forward to sleeping in, eating home made food, listening to music, playing games and binge watching TV shows.  I want the same for my kids !  Just lots of playing and lazing around.  My neighbors sent their kids to summer school.  If I am working, I absolutely will put them in summer school.  However, I am home now, all day :-)  I like to spend as much time as I can to get to know who Bee and Lovebug really is.  So far so good.  We had lots of good times, along with some rough times, which I expected.  We rubbed arms, got on each other's nerves, unfavorable words were said, and lots of tears :(  I tried to guide and help them through it !  It's a challenge for me too, to keep on learning to be patience and rely on God's strength.  Parenting is hard work friends, but I feel more hopeful with Jesus holding my hand.

A friend dropped this off for me at my front door !  Summer is the season for hydrangeas, one of my fav. flower.

Below are some pictures of our summer.  Highlight was setting up an old tent in our backyard.  We filled the tents with cushions and light blankets.  The girls and I laid in there, chatting and looking up at the sky.  Time passed by slowly whenever we are in that tent.  I love that time together.  We shall do it again next summer.

Camping was also another highlight of our summer.  We went twice with our friends.  First camp was at Mount Fun Basecamp with just one family and many day visitors.  This campground is small, but if you are lucky like us, got the site at the far back next to the creek, it was the jackpot of all camp site.  The site is next to a huge rock, surrounded by tall trees and has a creek passing through at the back.  It feels like we were all on our own.  The creek kept the kids and hubbies busy as they tried to catch the fishes.  My husband, being the determined person he is, went fishing in the dark with flashlight !  He was rewarded with a medium sized fish and many squeals of delight from the kids.    Our second camping trip was at Paradise Valley, and this time it was with 6 families.  This site has a little store that sells some important camp items and ice cream !  It was a nice treat for all of us.  We hiked daily here as the ground has many trails (unlike our previous camp).   Overall, both sites were great with different activities.  Both has warm shower and flush toilet :-)  The kids as well as adults had so much fun.  We shared a lot of laughs !  Which is a good thing right ?  Good times all around.  I think being in nature does wonder to the small kids and the big kids like us.  It stills and calms our soul.  I needed that because life can get super noisy !

Summer is also harvest time for me, as you can see in some of the pictures above !  We have Vietnamese veggies, 2 kinds of beans, raspberries, strawberries and figs in out garden.  They generally ready for picking around end of July, early August.  The kids ate everything except the figs, which works in my favor as I love figs.  I hope to plant more next year.  Lovebug wants a flower garden and been wanting one for years.  She sow some seeds in the back of the garden but nothing happened.  We need better soil there.