keeping pace with our kids

Our kids are growing and changing so much this year.  Peanut can identify all body parts (in vietnamese), and say Ba Oi, Me Oi, Daddy, Down, Bad, No.  He loves to dance to Charlie Puth and Baby Shark.  They are the only songs that can put him to sleep.  I was hoping for quiet times and rocking him to sleep with vietnamese lullaby (like the girls) but nope, he likes to sleep to dance music, and no rocking.

Lovebug is silly like always,  still very much attach to me but this year, she's a handful !  it was supposed to be Fantastic Four year but it's like Terrible Two + Troublesome Three.  She has a lot of attitudes and would get really upset and scream-cry when she doesn't get her way.  It could be something simple as, the washroom is being used and we told her to use the other one and she would just lost it.  Usually leaving her to expense all her emotions and tears and she's good again.  About 10-15 min.  We try to figure out what instigate it, but can't find one.  It's random and out of the blue.  My thinking is she's having a lot of pent up emotions without the words to describe it and a venue to release it.  We try to give her more words to help express herself and it's all we can do at the moment, without giving into her demands and expectations.

Bee is in gr. 2 now, she is full of words and smart-Alec comments.  She's into science at the moment and ask me all sorts of things about the air, gas, state of matter, etc.  She asked me to rubbed my hands together yesterday to create thermal heat and then to smell it !  "Isn't it stinky ?  that the heat from your hands !"  She excitedly tell me.