joy in the mundane

The sun shine its' glorious light over our city.  I am thankful for such a beautiful day.  After so so so so many dreadful gray and rainy days, I welcome this sight with wide open arms.

Peanut and Love are fighting a cold so we decided to stay home (instead of attending church) and have an easy Sunday.  We slept in and laze around in our pyjamas until pass noon.  Mr. C started to fidget, a sign to me that he's done with just chilling :-)  I know he can`t stand sitting around, and sure enough, he coerced the girls to go outside and help him with yard work.  If you know our girls, you know how much they love being in the outside, so in a flash, they were up and out.  Peanut ran after them, whined and pointed to their direction, and so with the loudest groan I can uttered, I bundled us up and went to join the gang.

The outside is bright, warm when in the sunlight, and with a bit of a breeze.  The air is fresh and crisp.  Our girls are on their bikes and chasing each other round and round in circle.  Baby Peanut pushed on me to put him down and off he went, with his arms flapping like a penguin.  The first thing he did is joyfully digging his clean hands into the damp soil.  He attempted to eat dirt and wood chips a few times just before I quickly snapped them away from his grip.

The heavy snow fall this year damaged many of our fancy ornamental grasses and the crows just love digging through our front and back yard, ripping up all the grass, chowing down on the fat chafer grubs underneath (European chafer beetles).  These grubs are not native here so getting rid of them has been a loosing battle for us.  We might just fill a large part of our yard with wood chips !  Easier to maintain.

In the span of about 2 hours, we had a hot chocolate party with strawberries, we played store (the girls are shop owners and I am their customer), we chased and watched Peanut stomped around, we went on the swing, monkey bars, slides, and I sat back and watched the girls rolled around on top of giant balls soaking in sunlight.  They're so happy !  I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures then quickly put it away, out of Peanut's grasp.  Mr. C managed to scrape up all the dead grass, trimmed the ornamental grasses, and cleaned up all dead leaves and falling branches.  We discussed our plan for the yard, what we want to eat for dinner, what we look forward to comes summer, and on and on and on.

There's nothing spectacular about today, except the wonderful Mr. Sun, everything is pretty ordinary, very mundane.  But my heart, my full heart, is very content and joyful.  As my daughter Bee would say, "Jesus made me like that!".  Joy and peace are 2 of the fruits of the spirit !  These are the byproducts of my walk, following Jesus.  Woo hoo !  I am secure in Christ, secure in His promises and faithfulness.  Jesus' love, peace, joy, and goodness can be experienced in all things, in all situations, and they can be found in all the mundanes of the day.

Here I am in my PJ, wrapped in a scarf (maybe it's a blanket ?  I am not sure, it's huge, but was sold as a scarf is strange), listening to my kids competing with each other for my attention, competing to tell me their stories.  While I go about my mommy duties, I can feel my soul and spirit being embraced by my almighty God.  There are so many things to be thankful for.  To be here, under this sun, safe in this place, watch my family going about their ways, and to witness the changing of the season is simply beautiful.

 Spring is a time to sow.