our kingdom

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

When I read this the first thought in mind for me was relationships.  Any relationship that we have, each in itself is a kingdom.  
The "kingdoms" in my life are very important to me.  Most important of all is my relationship with Jesus, then my family and friends.  Those kingdoms cannot keep strong and remain steadfast IF I don`t foster and protect it.  

My faith life is what keeps my life in order so it's priority to me.  It might sound like a lot of work but I feel like being a Christian, our relationship with Jesus is like breathing.  You just do it automatically.  I don't know how to explain it, but my thoughts communicate with Jesus !!!  Does that make sense ?  Think of a trait of you, like you love dogs, you are just that because that's how you are, that's how Jesus is to me.  He's just a part of my being, my soul.  Living in a world full of obvious temptations and the not so obvious ones, I need my heart and head in check with Jesus.  As for my marriage, my husband is my life partner !  this is someone who will be with me until I return home to Jesus, I cannot let anything come in between us.  To me that means no secret, no lies, no self greed, and anything else that can cause a crack in the wall of our marriage.  As for our family, our kids, we want to protect and keep them ! We must learn to love them unconditionally and give them our precious time.  Time will allow us get to know them and let them get to know us.  For us, this also means we don`t put our work or career ambitions or any other things in higher importance than our children. They are our priority.  All these little kingdoms together make up united kingdoms :-)

Strong relationship are build on firm foundations, made up by grains of time we spent together !   joyful times as well as troubled turbulent times.  This is true for our faith life, our marriage, family and friendships.  
I thought about my work place too.  We all play a role in keeping it a healthy place to come to everyday.  Don't follow the mass and always steer away from office gossip !  always choose to be encouraging and supportive of others and don`t take things personally.