Color of the rainbow birthday party

Love and Peanut shared a birthday party together this past weekend !  One is turning a big 1 and one is entering the fabulous 4.  Having each kid born in January, February and March, someone's gotta give and share, and this time it's baby Peanut !  Our justifications ? first, he doesn't know it's his birthday, and second, he has no friends :-)  Lovebug puts on her VIP hat and weeks before the party, she reminded all of us the two most important things to her - balloons and jelly beans.  We try to avoid Jelly Belly because they stick to teeth (=cavities), but, since it's her birthday we decided to get Jelly Belly.  Then I thought of some sweets I haven't had for a long time, like peach rings and Twizzlers, so I grabbed them !  Bee saw me so she asked if she can have some worms, then C saw us and asked for Skittles !  Once the candy gate opened, everyone rushed in ;-)

If you've been following me, you know how much I love diy decorations and setting up kids party !  I am sad to report that it's not so much the case anymore :-(  I am quite busy now juggling work and kids and activities so I got no time for home made decorations !  It's all recycled decorations and dollar store items from here and onward friends !!!

The night before the party, Mr. C, Bee and I spent a good hours blowing up about 40-50 balloons.  C filled our mantel top (which is set about 3 feet back from the front) with different sizes of balloons.  He's going for the "balloons spilling out" look.  I know I can always count on him for carrying out the work !  He likes party as much as the kids and I :)  I would sketch out my ideas and Mr. C would take it and make it into reality.  He's good like that !!!  

For party favor, I went with something I personally would like to receive, a take-and-toss container filled with different types of crackers, and a small takeaway carton filled with candies.  This give the parents options, if they don't want candies they can take the crackers for their kids.  The container can be re-used so it's all good !!!  I also bought a whole bunch of rubber balls from Old Navy, $0.25 cents each (there's a ball vending machine in my local Old Navy (Metrotown) store).  Love really like those bouncy balls so she asked us to ensure that her friends get gifted one when they come to her party.  I also was planning on having playdough making station after cake but the kids seem to be happy playing with each other so I left it.  That's another easy and fun activity to do !

I've heard stories of kids getting upset over their goodies bag (O)_(O)  That's just crazy !!!  I feel goodies bag/party favor is NOT a "must have", and it can totally be forego.  There's enough work hosting a party !  I don't know about your kids' friends but my friends' kids are not finicky.  They pretty much just like to play with each other and eat cake, so the goodies bags are just extras .  Even if we don't have it, I am pretty sure no one would notice or care.  My girls never ask for party favor when go to parties, and my friends or their kids never once ask about it either.  I very much appreciate low maintenance, easy to please kids !  My friends are great parents !

All in all it was a fun party and like always, our lunch party always lead into dinner together with our friends !  We went out for dinner then the kids passed out in the car on the way home, a sign of a well spent day.  Sure their mouth are full of sugar, which is OK because my kids can sleep through flossing and brushing once home :-)  They would let us do all that and change them into their PJ, all the while sleeping away.  No fuss, no complaint !  We feel blessed for our kids.

Happy happy day 'Peanut' and 'Love' !

Two-bite brownies with home made frosting !  So good, so fast and so easy :)

Love eating shark gummy and brownie !  She's been waiting for this for a long long time !
(drawing on the white board are done by Bee for her sister)

Candies galore for big and small kids !

Some home made vietnamese food by me, my mom and my mother in law !

Nolan's getting his sugar fix !  Enjoying it while he can because the next one will be a long while.

Got a quick hug with this girl before she ran off to play