Nolan turning a big 1


1 is such a huge milestone.  At 1 Nolan can eat solid food, can walk, can self feed (take food by hand and put in his mouth) and can have honey !  I admit the first thought that came to mind when I realized he's soon to be 1 is that he can now have honey !  YAY !  My children are born in winter/early spring, aka flu season, so knowing there's natural remedy that they can take makes me feel more at ease.

Nolan, baby Nolan, does everything super fast !  There's no learning curve, like when he goes from crawling to sitting up to walking, the second he discovered what he can do, he just does it.  There's no practice time or making many efforts or attempts, he just go about it like he's been doing it all along.  This baby loves to smile.  His smile is contagious.  So happy, so content, so genuine and so free.  Oh the possibilities that come with his smile.  He makes me feel like I'm the most wonderful person on earth.  Only me.

When he feels like it, he would say to me "ma ma" and it's such a sweet sounding word.  He would reach out and hold my face to his.  Our head would connect and for a brief moment, we rested in each other's love.  Him knowing I love him to infinity and me knowing I'm being loved by him and that I`m all he wants (because I'm his`source of "food" :) 

Being a boy, Nolan is so much different from the 2 girls.  He climbs onto everything and likes to stick everything into the electrical outlet (even though they are covered and taped outside) and when it failed (which is every time), he would bang whatever he's holding onto the wall, creating dents ! He's a pretty much wreck havoc wherever he goes !!!  Upside for me is, once he's older I get all new furniture :D

Nolan's favorite place is the kitchen and the bathroom.  The kitchen is where there are many items that he can bang together and make super loud noises.  He especially loves the dishwasher (we used it as a dish rack :-)))  Nolan would slide his tiny hands under the tray and splash the bit of water around or he would just take all the chopsticks and forks and spoons out !  

Most day Nolan can be found hovering outside the bathroom, waiting for the girls to open and go in to wash their hand or do their business.  The minute it`s open he would swoop in, head to the toilet and splash the water in there.  Grosssssss !  If the girl got in before him and sat down to do their business then he would squeeze beside them, push their bum out of the way so he can reach the toilet water.  He`s gross like that !!!  My goal is to try to beat him to it and take him out before he gets to the toilet.  If he beats me to it then I would have to pry his fingers off the toilet seat with him screaming in my ears.  Then he would scream some more (he has endless amount of energy) when I scrub his hands clean with soap.

For activities, Nolan likes to play with toys in the bathtub with a bit of water.  He loves the water and have no issue with putting his head in the water.  He does that often so bath time requires me to watch him like a hawk.  He likes dipping his head under water to drink water !  He`s daring like that.  But bathing is the easy part, taking him out to dry is way more challenging as he would wiggle and scream his head off, fighting me so he can go back into the tub.

It's not an easy task caring for this little wild one !  But it's not all work and no fun either.  His kisses, his embrace, his hugs, and his smiles, they give me strength and perseverance to press on.  They make everything worth it :-)  I am so happy to be his ma ma and so happy that he's a happy healthy baby.   We made it to 1 baby Nolan !  I can't wait to see what's coming this year.