DIY Wall Organizer/Command Center

School have since started for Bee.  She's also in Awana this year.  Lately I found myself forgetting "fancy day" at school or when Awana store is open - the 2 events that Bee looks forward to.  I sometime use the calendar on my phone for all these but since I don't have the phone with me all the time and don't usually check it first thing in morning, it doesn't do me any good.  Fed up with too many missed events, one afternoon I asked C to make me a command centre !  aka wall organizer.  I doodle out what I like, a wall of pictures frames - one would be a white board, one a cork board, one frame will frame-hooks for jackets/bags, and one frame for art work.  I shared my design with C and he suggest he build me one big one from wood so it's less work, less holes on our wall and keep everything together in one place.  We spent the next hour brainstorming what we want, what's easy/fast to do; then sent C off to Home Depot to get the wood slats.

The outcome of C's hard work !  A wall organizer for our kids' stuff.
What C did:

  • Pcked up 5 pieces of 1" thick by 6" wide and 8 feet long (ask store staff to cut the 8 feet into 2 (so they are 4 feet each)
  • For the trimming of the wall mount (the part where I painted gray), you can use whatever wood width thickness you like (hubby used the same wood size and cut it down to frame the wall mount, this wood is also what he used to nail all the 4 feet slats together, lay side and side)

Less than an hour of banging nails away in our garage, C got the wooden wall mount done.  I then painted the trim with Fusion Mineral Paint's grey paint left from my dressers project.  I highly recommend this brand.  Great coverage, non toxic, water based (I accidentally got paint on the wall many times ! and I just have to wipe off after with a damp cloth).

Using a stud finder, C located 2 solid beams and used 4 long nails to screw the wood wall mount onto the wall.  It's very very sturdy.  I made a mistake with the hooks though !  We were so eager to put it up we forgot the check.  I bought some beautiful ceramic knobs to use as hooks but the screw is back in not front in !!!!  It was too late to use because the wall mount is already screwed to the wall.  Too late for me but not for you.  So make sure you check the knobs or hooks you're using for jacket/bag holder first before securing the wall mount to the wall.

I bought a roll of cork from Rona to glue onto the middle exposed area and made that into a cork board (I discovered much later, you can get the cork roll from Dollarama too, for fraction of the cost).  I also bought a small white board and nailed it on the cork board.  I used a permanent sharpie and ruler to draw in the lines for calendar and the standard whiteboard marker to write in events and appointments.  

Almost a month in now and this board has been serving us very well.  It took a few days to train the kids to hang their bags and lunch bags and Awana vests here though !  So far so good.  We post all school notices and permission slips on the cork board.  Write important events on the white board.  Some day I leave message for C there (I go to work before him) because I know it's what he checked every morning before taking Bee to school.  The fact that it's being used and used often, that to me is success.  Very happy with the outcome !