School's out for summer

With Bee at home for the summer holiday, I am going to get to spend a lot of time with all of them kids.  I know it's going to be a little chaotic but I am prepared for it.  This is the only summer where I get to be with all 3 of them (back to work next year) so having that tucked in the back of my head, I approached each day with renewed spirit and strength !  We're going to have fun !  That's all we're going to do, anything that's we can think of that's fun.  And through our fun time, I want to get to know Bee a little more.  She's at school a good chunk of day so now that I get her to me, all day long, I want to get to a little closer :)

What I learned about Bee:

She's amazingly gifted.  She has so many creative ideas !  Like making crowns for her friends from construction papers, to making magic wand, slime goo, garden potion, cutting butterfly (for the electric elephant fan), painting rocks, and making books.  Whenever I come up with an idea she would take it and run with it, make it better.  She even came up with a short skit, where we get dressed up and each had a part to act out.  That's my girl !  I tell her often that I'm so proud of her and she would say matter-of-factly to me "Mom, I am an artist ! ?"

Bee loves to write and draw.  Her pictures are often of me or her daddy, our family or activities we did.  I get a lot of "I love you mommy" cards and pictures and they makes my heart fluttered each time.  I am so happy to see her growing each day.  Bee also take on more responsibilities this year.  She sets the dining table, she helps out in the kitchen, helps out with baby and on many occasions, wiped her sister's bum bum :-D  Bee is still into princesses, Elsa and Cinderella are her favorites.  I hope to take her to Disneyland sometime before she grows out of them.

Bee wrote a short skit for us to act and asked me to make them costumes !

Talk about Bee, I can't leave out Lovebug and Peanut !  Lovebug is still quite the drama queen she is and recently likes to bargain!  She bargains with us over everything from timed out to how many bites of dinner she needs to eat.  Funny thing is she doesn't understand numbers yet so sometime she would say "5 min of times out ok?" When she was only timed out for 3 (1 min. Per year). This one child brings me lots of headaches but also makes me laugh out loud often.

Lovebug is very impatient, highly emotional and very dramatic.  She cares a lot about feeling and operates mainly in the "feel" level.  I find myself checking on her often throughout the day.  She would tell me she's sad, mad, or upset or tell me that I'm rude and that she doesn't love me.  At first I was taken back but one can't expect their kids to love them every minute of day.  When I say no to snacks before dinner, I'm rude and I'm no longer loved !!!  I don't fall for it and firm with my rules.  I love her and that's all that mattered.  

Peanut is learning to eat mushy soft food !  Very messy feeding him but seeing him chomping away is pretty funny and rewarding.  He can sit and crawl now !  Pretty soon he'll be taking his first step.  He likes fruits so whenever he sees me holding a tray of them he would lynch towards it to grab whatever he can.  He can't eat solid fruits so after a few chomps on the apple slice or pear, he would spit up all over him and me :(

Summer will soon come to an end and we will be back to our usual routines.  We play so much every day that hubby is worry that falling back into routine will be hard for Bee.  We shall see !  For now I'm just going to enjoy being with my children.  From dawn to dusk, it's crazy, silly, inspiring, surprising, wonderful, and nuisance being with them !  Then when they sleep I miss all the noise, the complaints, I just miss them so darn so much.