I'm home !

Everyday at around 5pm I would start cleaning up with the kiddos, all the while my ears are keeping out, awaiting for 2 beautiful words -  "I'm home !"  My husband's happy chirpy tone would echo through our entrance, announcing that that's he's finally home, finally done (temporary) with a challenging day at work.  The girls would run out to the stairs gate, screaming "daddy's home!!!".  I too, screaming inside "HE'S HOME ! He's home ! I'm rescued !".

By habit, C would kiss each of the kids, then me and then sit down to listen to the girls, fighting over each other, talking over each other, telling him of their adventurous day.  They do make their day more exciting that what it looked like to me.  I usually would wait for C to get snug into his seat then I would put little Nolan in his arms and walk away, screaming inside "I'm FReeeeeee".  To me, "I'm home" are words of deliverance !  He's here to rescue me, my hero :-)  He's home to take over our rambunctious crazy hyper energized kids !!!!! I'm off to make dinner but that's a piece of cake.