Great helper part 1

Bee didn't want to eat her lunch yesterday.  I told her she should try to finish because we shouldn't waste food.  There are people in the world that has little no food, some are starving and some died.  It's hard to think about that, that with all the food waste we throw out here in North America, they can save someone's life.  I get really sad thinking about it.  Why am I here and they ended up over there ?  Why I get to enjoy living in a warm dry house with food in fridge and pantry while others have no home or food.  I feel so blessed to be here and feel sad over why others can't have just the basic life necessities like food and water.  Then I remember something I read, about how we are the arms and legs of Christ.  We are to reach out and share our blessings with others.  I think with all the imbalance in the world, those who have more and those who have little, those who have enough and those who have none, we, those who are considered the "haves" are to share our "haves" with those who have less than us.  We don't sit in our comfy chair and wait for God to do the "balancing" of the world, He put us here for a reason, to be people who do that.

Right now we are collecting money for local women's shelter but once we are done with this I want us to collect money for a cause that our family all want to support.  Bee always say "Mom, I want to help you and help people.  When I grow up I want to be a great helper!".  What a noble idea.  I really want my kids to learn to care for others, other than just immediate family, but others who need assistance.  I desire and pray for them to be kind, to be compassionate, and to feel a sense of responsibility toward others.  We try to talk to them about it, and model kindness to them, but I think a family project that includes them will speak volumes !  I volunteer lots before the kids and we donate regularly, but we forgot to explain to the kids the "why" of it !  Why do we do what we do !!!  We are called to serve others, just like Jesus did.  We don't live just for ourselves.  I think Bee is old enough to understand now.  We can pick a cause we want to help out together this fall.  It will be a great experience for all of us I am sure.