What's on SALE for kids clothes ? H&M, Children's Place

Friends often ask me, "what's on sale for kids clothes", knowing I'm always hunting for deals !  So for this month, since I have some gift cards to spend, I did some digging around and here are a few good sales happening.

Children's Place is having 50% off everything ONLINE.  Free Shipping on all orders !  Perfect time to pick up swimsuit or rashguard !  I once waited until closer to summer to buy kids swim wear and it was sold out everywhere.  Great time for summer dresses, hats and sunglasses too !!!

We picked up some fun colorful dresses and sunglasses !  The girls are into anything happy and rainbow :-)

Sunglasses are $3.25 (after the 50% off)

H&M is having 20% off their kids clothes.  I like their basic clothes line (under shirts, leggings, camis) because the quality is good and some are organic.  They also have super cute t-shirts and dresses this season.  H&M doesn't have too many of these 20% off sales so stock up on some basics if anything.  H&M is one store I don't wait for items to go on sales because they rarely do (for the kids clothes) and when they do, only few are left and most are babies sizes.

The link to their coupon is below.  If you don't have data on phone like me, save a picture of it on your phone and present to cashier.   There's no special code so just snap a picture of the offer in the link and show it to them.  It's only 1 coupon for customer but I've used mine twice already !  I don't know how they limit 1 per customer when coupon is on the phone :-/

Some items I picked up:

Cute spring/summer tees for $9.99 each

2 camis for $12.99

2 tank tops for $12.99


Our girls are into jelly sandals at the moment !  If you have girls that like sparkly stuff, Old Navy has some pretty cute ones on sale.  We paid $7.50 for each pair.  Gymboree has some cute ones too but they are $21 (or $15 if they have their usual 30% new items sale).  I bought the kids clear ones from Gymboree first only to discover cheaper ones from Old Navy, a week later, and just as cute.  

Old Navy basket style on the left and Gymboree stars style on the right.

The girls have been wearing them around our yard digging, climbing and playing hopscotch in them.  So far no blister or cuts.  We had a pair a while back and they last through all the stomping and all the rain.  I like that they can get really dirty from all the dirt in our yard and when sprayed off with water, they look as good as new again. 

Gap has 40% off everything last week, watch their online page for this kind of sale again, as they should have a repeat soon.  I picked up 2 dresses for the girls as I really like deep shade of the blue !  it's a nice break from all the pink and purple don't you think ?

 I'm quite happy with all the kids purchases last week.  We are set for summer and I didn't spend very much.  Thanks to all the sales and gift cards :D