First love

A friend and I was messaging each other about our babies.  She loves staring at her baby girl and seeing her expressions.  While I love looking at Nolan and seeing my effect on him.

When Nolan is up from sleep, he would lay next to me kicking, staring into the ceiling and turning his head to me once in a while to see if I am up.  Usually his constant kicking would wake me up and I usually lay there for a good 10 min. with eyes closed.  It's an internal battle of waking up and kiss him or trying to sleep some more.  And kissing the boy always win.  I would turn to Nolan and whisper "hi Nolan" and he would responded with a huge smile that turns into a chuckle, and his two legs go into super ninja kick and arms flapping.  He's so happy to see me.  And it's not because I am his food or because he needs changing !  If he's hungry or has wet diaper, this boy would wail until he gets what he wants.  He is simply happy to see and hear me !  Happy that someone who loves him so much is gazing on him and he loves her just the same !  My kids first love is me, yup, their mother :)  I am the first body they lay on after they came out of me, the first face they see and the first set of arms encircling them, making them feel warm and safe.  This makes me think of my mom and reminded me that she was my first love and not to take her for granted.  I love her dearly.