3 months mark

My little boy is now 3 months.  He's onto the next milestone of his life which is to master rolling over.  When he's on his play mat, his bum just automatically go onto one side and with one or two hard kick and he's on his tummy.  Quite amazing to see how he's growing and developing.  Like how do they know how to do that ?  I obviously didn't show him.  His brain and body just do it.  So cool!

Nolan's eye sight are getting more clearer.  I don't think he sees details yet but in his blurry-ness he recognizes us.  When he looks around the room and caught my eyes his mouth will open to a huge grin, showing his bare gums.  And I get really happy too seeing how happy he is to see me. 

Sleep has been good for all of us.  He wakes up once around 3 or 4am for a feed.  He sleeps around 9pm so that's a solid straight 6 or 7 hours of sleep for him.  If I sleep at same time as him I would get that many too :) but I usually sleep at 10:30.  I get a totally of 7 or 8 hours a night so can't complain.

It feels so long since I have to burp him to avoid spit up.  Now I just feed him and off he goes onto his play mat for playing or into his crib for sleeping.  Talk about sleeping, he's great at putting himself to sleep.  I don't have to rock him like Bee or snuggle with him like Love.  It's a catch 20 because I love those quiet times together.  With Peanut, when he rubs his eyes and head, a sign of "I'm sleepy", I would lay him in his crib and he would have this short nudging kind of cries then less than 5 min. he's out.  If he's tired, he's out the moment I put him in the crib.  Sometime he would sleep on the play mat.  All in all a very easy going baby.  

As for me, postpartum is taking its usual course.  I am loosing lots of hair, which is always sad and I hope they do grow back.  The dark line on my tummy is still very vivid.  I remember it went away quite quickly with the girls but this one is a stubborn one.  I gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy.  I am down 30lbs already, thanks to breastfeeding.  I have another 10 more to loose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but these looks like they will stay -) Not many of my clothes fit right now, at least the way it supposed to fit.  It was discouraging getting dressed when we go out but I fixed that by buying some new clothes, in bigger size.  I am kind to me because I did pop out 3 kids after all.  They oughta take a toll on my body and that's good that they left marks !!!  Once things are settled I will will try to get back into shape, just because I don't want to waste all the old clothes I got :)  Right now I love joggers and loose t-shirt !  I am an owner of a few sets :) they are so comfortable !

As for my abdominal muscles, they haven't  gotten back together yet.  How do I know ?  By laying flat on floor, with a finger poking down in my belly and holding it there, I would try to do a sit up.  I can feel my muscles pulling in and gripping slightly on my finger but there's still a little gap.  I can't do any ab workout just yet.  I might take up running !  I need more energy to keep up with all these kids.  

Day to day, I am quite busy with taking Love to Strong Start half day in the morning, then picking up Bee after lunch and let them burn their energy at the playground for an hour. Then prepping dinner and eating dinner and our evening ends with C entertaining the kids indoor or outdoor while I clear up and clean up.  C would get the girls ready for bath time and book time while I get Peanut ready for bed, and that pretty much concluded our day.  

My day activities repeat itself every morning.  Might sound boring but I like schedule, I like predictable, make it easy to plan for other things.  The fun elements are there each day, watching the kids play and fight and laugh and cry !  Watching Peanut smiles, goo goo gah gah, and rolling over then getting frustrated like a fish on dry land.  It's eventful in a way.  Never a dull moment.  

At lunch, everyday, C would call home and we'll chat about things he saw and read and encountered.  I will tell him about the kids so he's not missing out.  When I feel down, because sometime mommies do, when I feel like I didn't accomplish anything worthy, he would affirm me and tell me how great I am and how important I am to our family.  Talking with him always lift up my spirit because sometime it's hard to see things clearly when you're in the gutter.  Everything is taking their due courses and soon summer will come knocking.  By then both girls will be home everyday and I will have 3 kids to hug and hold and to complain about !