sweet sassy six

I told Bee I wanted to take some pictures of her.  She ran off to put on all her Kinder Surprise's accessories, hair clip, ring and bracelet !

My daughter turned 6 today.  She's a 6 year old kid now !  Oh mind !  It feels like she's been around forever but also in the same time it feels like time flew by us.  Not long ago I was holding her in my arms, oh and ah over how cute and tiny she is.

Since the day she came into our lives, Bee's always been a happy, full of spirit child.  She's generous with her smile and kisses.  "I want to grow up to be a great helper" she told us.  She wants to assist with everything.  With the new baby, she wants to hold Peanut, soothe him when he cries, and entertain him.  She also started helping Love to wash her hands, dress her, and wipe her bum bum !  I had to protest against that, complaining that it's my job :-)  (I really need to make sure bum bum are cleaned according to my standards).

Bee helps out often in the kitchen.  From washing to mixing to setting up table, she's eager to lend a helping hand.  Kids thrive, I find, when we include them in 'big people" activities, as long as it's not dangerous, like using knives or being near hot stove !  Bee would tell me "I want to help so you can rest".  Melt my heart that girl !

It's exciting to see Bee growing into a girl.  She takes note of herself in front of the mirror, fix her hair, and fuss over how she looks before school or going out.  She'll complain if her inside shirt is longer than outside, or if her socks' bottom doesn't sit on the heel properly.  She's very particular and proper.  One thing I discovered recently is that Bee treasured things (or hoarding, like me :-)  Up on her bunk bed are little toys that she got from Happy meals or Kinder eggs.  She liked them so she kept them and lined them up neatly next to each other.  She even keeps little nice note paper !!  Her bed area is very organized and neat.  If Lovebug take or move anything she will notice it right away.  Very much like her daddy !

This year, being in kindergarten, brings about the most changes.  She expresses her feeling in more details and also learned to fibs :(  she always start her confession to me with "I'm sorry mommy", then proceed with telling me what she lied about.  Like rolling down the hill on her own or giving Love boogers and tell her to eat it !!!  I told her to please keep telling me the truth and be honest.  I will not get mad.  C told her the never cry wolf story to show her the importance of telling the truth.  Hopefully it sticks !

Right now Bee's day is all about counting and spelling.  She likes to spell everything out, sound out every letter, syllable, and word.  She's very good with them and can spell and write simple word on her own, like:  milk, me, to, from, love, day, happy, mom, dad, go, today, I, mommy, daddy, dog, cat, you, fish, etc.

I noticed that Bee enjoys math.  Her fun activity is me writing down math equations for her to solve.  We're working  with addition and subtraction from 1-20 right now.  From 1-10 is too easy, she can spit out the answer pretty much instantly.  Her 2nd report card reported that she exceeds expectations in Math.  Woo hoo !  

Bee recently completed her Special Helper task at school.  It was a huge moment for all of us !  She used to be so scare and wake up at night crying over it (seeing her name coming up on the special helper's list). Her teacher said she noticed her stress and will help her.  Then a couple months ago Bee told me she's going to be brave and try to do it.  She did it and she said she's not afraid anymore.  She did it twice now.  So proud of her.  That's how things are with Bee, she takes a bit of time to process and get use to things then when she's ready she will go for it.  She likes to observe everything first.  A trait from her daddy.  Who takes time with things, who's safe and all about prevention.  Unlike her mom, who rushed into things and does things on impulse often !!!

We have many crafting days and through it I find that Bee is very creative.  Give her a few items and she'll come up with something interesting.  I'm still so impressed with the paper dollie hairband she made.   Besides crafts, her favorite pass time is Lego, reading, painting, drawing, writing, making cards, dancing to Jessie's girl, playing dolls, playing games with us, being tickled, and role play.  In the last 2 weeks she's started to play video games with C.  She is quite good with it.  She never ceased to impress me.  

Bee's currently focusing on being funny and brave.  She's still quiet when around a big group, still doesn't respond if more than 1 adult is talking to her, and if too many eyes are on her, she'll freeze.  "It's how Jesus made me" she said, when asked why she doesn't talk to aunties or uncles when they talked to her.  I agreed, she is a fine girl the way she is.  I am very proud of her.  My darling girl, I can't wait to create more memories with you !