spring break staycation

Bee is home for spring break.  I was looking forward to take her on mini outings but Peanut is sick so home we stayed.  Luckily I was prepared with a few activities to keep her and Love busy this week.

We painted bird houses, painted egg carton flowers, built a tree house for owls out of foams, did 2 egg hunts, play dress up, baked banana breads, went to the playground twice, drank slurpee, danced, went swimming, picked names for our stuffed dogs ( Charlie and Tucker) and caterpillar (Apple), played in indoor playground, painted our nails (7 free Pacifica), and did a lot of Lego and role playing !  

Not sure what's in plan for next week but there're 2 parties and a play date scheduled!  For now I survive the first week keeping 2 bodies busy while caring for a sick baby.