One in a minion birthday party

In a house where scenes from Frozen movie are being acted out everyday, I was preparing for another Frozen party.   As I type this post, scene of "Elsa, Elsa, are you in there ?  "Go away Anna" is happening in our bathroom, with one kid on each side of the door.  Perhaps Bee sensed we're overloaded with Frozen hence she asked me if she can have a Minion party !!!  Okay....Minions it is then !  Those yellow pill-like looking creatures are so darn cute.  Bee do bee do bee do !!!!!!  I welcomed a break from all the pink :)

We talked to Bee about her party and she wanted to invite all her friends to come = whole class.  This is my first time planning a party for school kids !  I was a little nervous thinking of entertaining a room full of little munchkins running around and meeting their parents.  First thing I did was scouting out a party place.  Those kid themed jungle gym are fun but none near us let us bring in our own food.  They have pizza and hot dog for kids and Bee doesn't eat those.  I don't want her to starve on her birthday !  We decided to rent out a room and gym in a community center close by.

The day before the party we made a chocolate rice krispies cake together.  I really wanted to order a cake so it's less work for me but Bee said she wanted a rice krispies cake like Lovebug, but with no icing (fondant).  In keeping with the theme, Bee brought out the minions she got from Kinder eggs and used as cake topper.  We also went and picked up yellow and blue cupcakes from Cassia cupcakery.

Such good little helper she is !  She made a K with pink marshmallow on her cake  and helped me with dividing candies and folding the candy treat boxes.


They turned into zombie while waiting !

Bee and Love were soooooo excited for the party.  They woke up at 7am, got dressed and ran around the house; sliding in their socks and screaming.  They kind of annoyed me but C reminded me, when was the last time I'm excited like this. and the only recent one I can think of was the day I get to meet Nolan.  But it was different.  I realized as adult we don't get excited anymore :-(  kinda sad.  So I let the kids scream and yell and do whatever they want !!!  It's a special day for them, yes not just with Bee, Love felt it's her party too.  Top it all off, it's SUNNY !  no rain !!!  Thank God !

Once arrived to the community center, I went and set up our lunch room while the kids went to the gym.  They had a lot of fun playing in there.  The bouncy castle was most popular !  We had 1 hour in the gym and 1 hour in the activities room for lunch.  I felt it was a bit too short but the center was quite nice and let us stayed over half an hour later.  Many of the kids asked if they can go back into the gym :-(  I think I would go the jungle gym route next time just because they can play longer.  I have 1 year to convince Bee to like pizza !!!  

Couple of things I learned as a first timer school party host.  Book early !  Whether it's the jungle gym or community center or a hall, book the place as early as you can for a better room selection, date and timing.  Bee's party was on Easter Sunday long weekend and the last weekend of spring break. A double whammy :(  We expected more but had a total of 12 kids and a few babies.  The room we rented has no kitchen so we have to plan food accordingly.  We went with pizza and KFC (for Bee).  Snacks were kettle popcorn, chips (variety case), and a large tray of fruits (if you have time, make your own fruits tray as it's fresh and cheaper), and drink were water and a case of different type of juices (40). 

Fruits for the hungry happy kiddos !

If you're planning for something like this, keep in mind that kids don't eat much food !  They're distracted and high on energy so they eat little but drink a lot !  I also noticed they ate a lot of fruits and popcorn !  For 20 adults and 12 kids, we ordered 6 large specialty pizza, 3 medium pepperoni for the kids, and 30 pieces of KFC.  We had about 1/3 left over of food.  Snacks, drinks and dessert (30 mini cupcakes and 20 rice krispies squares) were just right, with little left over.

I'm glad it's all over and done !!!  The kids got their parties, we hosted the best we can and don't have to plan for any birthday party for the rest of this year !  Yay !  Anywho, details of the decor are below.  The cake stands are from Ikea and Homesense.  They are great investment as you buy once and you can reuse for all parties.  The minion toys are borrowed from my friend Judy = no cost !  I believe you can pick up same ones or similar ones at Walmart or Toys R Us.  Have fun decorating and if you need an opinion on your party plan feel free to email me !


- Yellow tissue paper for yellow buff ball, Dollar Daze, $1 a pack (1 light yellow & 1 yellow)
- Minion Happy Birthday sign, Dollar Daze, $3
- Yellow polka dots popcorn/treat box, Dollar Daze, $2 for 8
- Blue polka dots napkins, Dollarama, $1.25 a pack
- Minion table cover, Walmart, $3
- Minion paper plates, Walmart, $3 for 8
- Minion treat bags, Walmart, $4 for 8
- Minion cupcake liner, Michaels, $4 a pack

(I might forego this next year, as I feel it's so much work finding and filling these little bags.  I think we will get them to make something instead and send the kids home with something more useful/meaningful)

- Crayola crayons, Walmart, $2 a pack of 24
- Playdoh, Walmart, $1 for 1 (1 blue and 1 yellow color (minion color))
- Minions pencils, Walmart
- Blue polka dots candy box, Walmart (Grandview), party section, $1 for pack of 8
- Jelly Belly & M&M Easter Eggs (to divide into blue Walmart candy boxes), Costco
- Baby MumMum for babies, Walmart