Little wonders

The Lord answered many of my prayers throughout my life.  From health issues to employments, He's always been faithful !  In time, I've come to see and acknowledged that His plans always are better than my plans and expectations.

Some prayers take a while for us to come to the realization and understanding what His answers are to our prayers.  I thank God often for His long term and wide view plan for me.  He listened to my prayers, acknowledged them and worked out His plan to get me there.  He rarely give me what I originally asked for, but always replaced them with something better.  He held me in higher regard and credited me more than I do to myself.  Always the best for me.  It is always always like that with me and Jesus.

The few times He answered my prayer right away are ones that made me smile every time.  They are not grand requests but trivial ones, but nonetheless, I must have felt they are important enough for me to plea to the Man Up there.  The very first incident that I remember, is that I bought a very expensive item and lost the receipt.  I searched our house everywhere and it was no where to be found.  I got mad at myself for buying things when I'm not 100% sold on it.  I don't want to keep this ! I need to find that stupid receipt.

While getting ready to leave our house, I pleaded with God desperately to help me find the receipt.  I went over to the shoes closet to grab a pair of shoes.  I thought I should wear my brown boots as I haven't worn them for a while.  I reached far back in the closet for the boots and for some reason put my hand inside.  Lo and behold, out came the receipt.  I freaked out and can't thank Him enough.

Staying on this theme of lost/missing items :-)  the second time I remember I needed His help was when we were rushing to Alpha class.  When I got up off the sofa to leave, the button from my overall popped off!!!!  Grrrrrr !  Why now and why right on my shaggy carpet ????  I frantically ran my hand all over the carpet and I couldn't find it.  I don't want to change !!!  I move my fingers inch by inch over the carpet hoping to cover all possible area.  Then I remembered my shoes' receipt prayer and started to pray for help.  Right then, right after I opened my eyes, I reached out into the shaggy rug and my fingers got hold the button.  Just like that.

Today is another one of those.  Nolan lost 1 cute sock shoes.  I searched for it this whole week and it's no where to be found.  It's a baby sock, meaning it's small and can easily be lost.  I lost the girls' and my socks all the time.  I never bother to look for them but this time is different.  I want Nolan to wear it to an up coming event and don't want to buy new one.  I thought I might suck it up while vacuuming.  I love vacuuming and sometime I just let the machine suck up anything in its path.  I used 2 vacuums, one is the clear bag-less and one is with bag.  I looked into the clear bin and checked the hose, nothing.   I opened the bagged one, dumped out all the garbage inside, no sock shoes but did recover Anna's shirt, the one no one missed.

I search the house again this morning.  Maybe it got stuck inside a piece of clothing ?  I search the girls' dressers and found a big nothing.  I have searched every nooks, flipped up the rug, looked under the bed, under all tables, moved the sofa and dressers, opened everything that can be opened and still, not a sight of it.  I hate loosing things.  The shoes socks are so cute on Nolan and now there's one lying in his dresser missing it's partner.

I sat in the home office.  I've been in here 4 times already.  C was holding Nolan with those socks the day one went missing.  The office and the living room is where he frequented so if it fell off, these 2 rooms has the highest probably of concealing the lone sad sock.  I searched the living room like 10 times already so thought I try the office again today. There's not much in here to search.  I moved the computer tower, the paper cutter and the AC and all are cleared.  I sat and stare into space.  Where can it be God ?  Can you please help me find it ?  He always so good with finding things for me.  I smiled inside, hoping He would go "poof" and placed the socks in front of me !  I sat down looking under the table, it's a normal height table so if it's there you would see it.  I thought it was silly of me to expect God just to put it there.  I gave up hope and when I was about to stand up, right there, right about a foot to the right side of me, lie the sock.  I freaked out momentary because that's just freaky, in the awesome kind of way.  Thank you Jesus !  My heart leaped for joy.  I found the sock.  It was caught into the hidden wheels of the AC.  No wonder I didn't see it until I sat down on the floor.  

I feel the need to write this down.  This is a reminder to me that every prayer sent upward is being listened and heard.  Even the trivial stuff mattered to Him.  If He cares about those, imagine how He is when it comes to stuff that are consequential to us.  When it comes to prayer like this, when things are lost, He answered my prayer right the moment I finished to let me know, "Yeah, I heard you !" and to bring an awe and a sense of wonder back to into me.  I forgot how marvelous and wonderful He is.  He's reminding me He's still here, still walking with me, so don't loose sight of Him.  He understood my feeling.  Loosing stuff sucks.  He doesn't like to loose anything either, this I'm sure, especially people.