egg carton flower craft

Bee has a slight cold again (remnant from last week) so she's home this week.  Early morning and she's already asking me to do craft with her.  I don't feel so well myself to I told her later.  While resting I try to think up something for us to do as I am low on craft materials.  I think I'm just going to get her to do water coloring. 

Then while separating our recycling bin I came upon an empty egg carton and it reminded me of all the egg carton projects I saw.  I took it and dug out all the paint I had left.  Mostly pink colours but they'll do !

I really like Craft Smart acrylic paint from Michaels.  They sell for something like $1.50 each colour (59ml) and they come in an array of colours.  The paint is non-toxic, permanent, water based and the best part is that it cleans up with a little soap and water.  Knowing my girls, they often paint themselves and the table :)

I used an exacto knife to cut up each egg cup then used a scissor to trim the top of each cup.  We're making flowers so I cut a variety of shapes.  Then off we go painting them !  Easy right ?  

Our finished flowers were glued onto a piece of card stock paper.  Bee asked me to cut her some green leaves from construction paper.  The girls had a lot of fun and so was I !  We will do this again for sure.

Painting is messy business !  Good thing it's water friendly.  Our hands, hairs, clothes, paint brushes and table all got a water bath after and all came out clean !!!