bubbles and bunnies hop


The girls were naughty today !  Bee emptied a half bottle of bubble bath into the tub, mixed it with water and told Love to flung the suds everywhere.  That little one is always happy to complied !  I was upset at them but couldn't stay angry long because Bee said Sorry and followed it with "when someone say sorry, you have to forgive them".  My words against me.  I pour bubbles over them and they squeals in delight !  Not the reactions I want so I pour more bubbles until they yelled "NO more bubble!"  Then they started to squirt water on me and I in turn spray them with a bit of cold water.  The cold water was all that's needed to end their frolic and they promised not to do this again.  Sure, like they ever remember their promises !!!

After getting them cleaned and getting the bathroom cleaned, I found myself still rambling on about how could they do this and how Bee should know better.  Bee came to me and handed me a paper.  She  drew me a picture of a broken heart and 3 stick persons with our names.  She said our hearts are all broken (over what happened).  I saw an X with arrow in the middle of the heart and asked what it is.  She said, it's the because the heart couldn't fit back together.  What can we do to put it back together ?  I asked her what she think can mend it.  She said "we say I love You and hug!" and we did just that.  Even though the picture was of my breaking heart (because I'm upset), their hearts are broken too because they're sad that I'm angry at them.  She's like that, so darn sentimental.  She's so sweet, how can one be mad at her.  All is forgotten !

The girls' energy were still high so they were wrestling with each other.  I never like them wrestle because one always get hurt.  So I suggested they have a hopping contest !  I took out my old leg warmers.  They were so stretchy, they're perfect to be worn like a tube on each girl.  With their legs tight inside the warmers, they hopped from one end of the house to another !  that got a lot of laughter from the girls as once they fall it's so hard to get up.  This activity was awesome because after like 15 min., it sure tired them out !  We shall do this again !
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