7 weeks old, sick baby

Peanut is sick.  He must have gotten it from Bee, who is glue to him, every waking moment of his life !  She kisses him, hugs him, pets him, touches his head and holds his hand.  When she was sick we kept her at arms length but the minute our eyes are off him, she is found next to the bassinet touching his head and cheeks and would sneak in a kiss.

For Nolan it started off with a couple of sneezes and one single cough at night.  I thought something just irritated him.  The next morning, more cough follows and they sounded worst as the day tolls on.  When Nolan is sleeping he doesn't cough and isn't mucusy.  He sleeps perfectly well and fine.  However when he's awake, he would cough and cough and after his breathing sounds sticky and wet.  Thank god he's at the stage where he sleeps 75% of the time.

Nolan's cough sounds painful and hoarse.  He has no fever, not congested, not fussy, eat (breastfeed) and sleep ok.  On sick day #2, his cough would bring up a whole whack of white milk, super thick sticky stuff, which I think is milk mixed with phlegm.  He would do that 2-3 times in the day and about 3-4 at night.  Every time he cough I would go into panic mode as it sounds like he's in pain.  But he looks fine and isn't bothered by it.  Whenever I put him down and he happened to cough, I'm terrified !  afraid he might choke on his spit up.  I would hold him up in sitting position to make the coughing easier.

To help loosen his mucus, we ran a humidifier all through the night.  Before night sleep, I would run a hot shower to steam up the bathroom, sat in there with him.  Whenever he coughs I would cupped my hand and pat them on his back, not too gently nor too hard, just a good pat to loosen up the mucus.  Sometime he would spat up a chunk of white sticky stuff (which I assumed is milk with phlegm, I can be wrong).  But he feels better after hacking it out.  Then we both would have a bath and I handed him over to C to rock him to sleep.

Taking care of Nolan wouldn't be so much work if it's just C and I and him.  However with 2 girls added to the equation, it isn't all that simple.  Keeping the bathroom door closed was a challenge as the girls keep coming in to check up on us, letting all the steam out.  Whenever he's cough and spat up they would hover over him and ask what's happening.  Even after like the 10th time, it still a new thing for them !!!  When baby sleep they would kiss him or talk loudly to him, to wake him up to play with them (despite us telling them he can't play with them yet because he can't even sit up).  Arggghhhh !

It's spring break so Bee is home with us !  I am in the company of 3 kids day and night !!!  In order to keep the day manageable and liveable, I try setting up games and craft projects to keep them busy.  I admit there were some low moments where I threatened to send them away because they're so mischievous!  Thank God for my mom for being around to help and give me a break, physical and mental break, here and there.

Day 2 & 3 of his cold I would hold him through all his waking and sleeping.  I never been through this before.  The girls were rarely sick when they were babies.  At night I held Nolan and sleep in a sitting position with him sleeping on me.  I had few shut eyes, about 2 hours total for the night.  My arms are super tired and feel like I no longer have control over them. When he's up for feed mid night I can see him and hear him but I can't move.  I feel paralyzed for a few minutes.  C would take hold of him and soothe him before I gather myself up and feed the hungry little boy.  Then after feed, he would cough and much of the meal would come up and I would nurse him again.  C and I feel so helpless when he cough.  We want to help but there isn't much we can do.  We already took him to see the doctor (on day 3) and he told me to keep on breastfeeding him.  If he get a fever then straight to ER he goes.  Baby under 3 months, with a fever, get direct access to emergency at hospital.

On day 4 of his sickness, I feel like a zombie.  2 nights of very little sleep does that to you.  On top of that my arms are achy and want to fall off me.  I have to ask my mom to hold Nolan while I take a short nap.  I napped for 2 hours and feel alive again !

We're on day 5 of his sickness.  He's a lot better today.  He cough only once.  No more spit up to stress over either.  The girls have been praying for him, asking Jesus to make him feel better.  Their prayer go like this: "dear Jesus, thank you for our sins.  Please help Nolan feel better drinking milk from mommy's ti ti (breast) so we can play Lego and go to the beach".  It's freezing cold here still, I don't think we'll go to the beach anytime soon :-)  the beach will have to wait ! thank you Jesus for helping Nolan feel better though !  I miss sleep and look forward to some shut eyes tonight.