after nap tantrum

Some day I want to smack Lovebug in her bum bum to ward off all the moodiness in her.  Whenever she's up from her nap it feels as though we're all walking on egg shells.  C and I would eye each other, "what do we do ?"  Do we talk to her ? Acknowledge her ? Ignore her until she makes first contact ?  She's unpredictable and full of surprises so it's a guessing game every time.

If anyone of us say "hello" to Love (just up from nap), some time we'll get a hug, some time a straight stare, some time she'll turn and walk away, but mostly we get a loud thunderous bawl and she's yell out something like "WaaH don't talk to me !!!  Don't look at me !!! Waaahhh Waah!".  Then she would go looking for me (wish I can hide), rushing over and falling on my lap BUT don't want me to touch her.  I just sit there filtering her out until she's done with all the crying.  

Love is an animated and dramatic gal !  so it's not out of character for her being like this.  She often get upset over things that make no sense at all.  Like, she's mad that my mom is my mom and she's not my mommy !  No sense at all ... I think, despite knowing a lot of words, Love doesn't understand the meaning and when to use it.  She is still a baby though her vocab extensive, she is only 2 almost 3 yr. old.  She likes to say "I'm mad" or "I don't love you" to express frustration !  Probably because it gets our attention every time.  I often try to engage her to talk more, and try listen and figure out what she's trying to explain, but this habit of hers is a tough one to kill off !

In the last few months, it seems when she's upset, esp. after nap, she wants us to ignore her, but she also want us to acknowledge her in the same time.  What the hell right ?  C gave up on her and said she's too hormonal.  I don't have experience with pms (far as I know) but I think this is something like it.  She's so cranky I want to pull my hair out from frustration.  She doesn't know what she wants.  I don't know what she wants.  She expects me to read her mind and know what she wants and this is a big problem !  I haven't got a clue :(

If I ask Love "what's wrong?" or "talk to me honey, why are you crying?", she would tell me not to talk to her and if she sensed my annoyance she would cry louder and say "aww you mad at me !  Waah Waah".  If I let her be for 15 min. she usually would calm down and come around as if nothing happened.  15 minutes isn't that long but because the sound of her cry/whine often escalate to a shrieking volume, 15 min. is a long long long dreadful time for all of us.  I am still trying to figure out how to deal with her so I can pass the memo to C and Bee.  Who both gave up on her and avoid her like a plague when she's up.

I believe this is Terrible Two/Troublesome Three stage other parents talked about. We got away with it with Bee but we can't be so lucky the second time !  Oh well, we can only brave through it now.  I comforted myself that it shall too come to pass one day, like everything else under the sun.  Please grant me wisdom, patience and strength dear Lord !