sweet little bee

Bee is such a sweet girl.  She woke up early on Valentine's Day, around 6:30am to make a card for us (I heard noises in the kitchen).  I got up and came out around 7:30, to see what she's doing.  She made us a card and a necklace for everyone, even baby.  She asked me to cut her up paper hearts for her to put on her card and the necklaces.  She's so sweet and thoughtful.

Craving something sweet that morning, I asked C to get donuts for breakfast.  Without any hesitation, C puts on his hat and left to pick them up.  Whoa, and here I am thinking he might say "bad sugar first thing in he morning ?" !  Maybe he's doing it because it's V day :) or that I have been asking him to buy so much junk food that my request no longer surprise him anymore and best not to question.  I am being spoiled a bit at the moment :)  

When C came back he got me a bouquet of flowers and donuts !!!  We all put on the heart necklace Bee made for us and had a small tea party.  Donuts taste so good for breakfast.  The girls love it (expected of course).  We definitely will do this again.