Baby look at me

The girls are obsessed with the new boy in the house.  They would wake up during his early morning feed (around 7am) and crawl in next to me, waiting for me to finish feeding him so they can hold him.  When I'm done with baby, their battle begins.  "He's not looking at me", He's not facing me", "I can't see his face", "He's smiling at me, not at you", "I hold him first", and they keep going back and forth like that and each time their voice and frustrion kick up a notch.  

This has been going on for a week now and my solution is to ask each girl to kiss baby then take him away for diaper change !  Whether he need it or not is beside the point.  I just need them to stop fighting over what side should the poor boy face.  They refuse to accept that he's just a baby !  despite me tirelessly explaining to them over and over again that he's still very young, he has little control of his head, he has no favourite and that he loves them both the same.  "Oooooh, he doesn't love me !  *hic*" the little one complained.  Arrggg !