Location location location

My dream house !  Yellow paint and tire swing !!!
Our current house (sage color) is our third dwelling and while we are quite happy with it, there is one regret.  I wish we bought the house based on location instead of what it looks like.  I watch a few of those Love it or List it shows and the first thing the realtor asked the couple is "what are your must haves" and most often the first item on the list is Location.  With house you can always renovate but when you buy in a less desired location you are stuck !  Sure you can sell and buy again but there's just so much hassle in moving !  not to mention the the cost of land title transfer and lawyer/notary fee.  Learn from my mistake !  Also don't take too many people with you to the viewing.  Just you and your spouse is all you need ! It's your house, you will have to live with the decision make.  Too many people = too many opinions that will cloud your judgement.  I've been there.  I dislike buyer regret. It keeps me up at night (our previous place).  At least this current house I am in has most of what I want, the yard, the space, and the neighborhood is great !   I just wish it's closer to work.