Day numero 4

Baby Boom was welcomed home by 2 squealing happy kids.  They wanted to touch him and smell him and hold his hands.  According to Bee, baby smells like candy.  Love chimed in that he's yummy in the tummy.

Love nicked named him Boom Boom months ago. We registered him as Nolan Elias.  One of the name we picked for Bee but she turned out to be a girl so that name was shelved until now :-)  We're at day 4 with Nolan and so far so good.

One of the question I get asked a few times is how are the girls doing ?  They are adjusting well as far as adjusting go.  Meaning they accepted him but might be too early to tell if there's any jealousy yet.

First time meeting baby at hospital was hard on Love while it was the happiest day for Bee.  She's been waiting to meet him.  Love on the other hand was a little apprehensive.  She stood and looked at him from a far.  I gave baby to my mom to hold and asked her to come over so I can hold her.  She didn't rush over but she did come and hug me.  I know she needed time so I didn't rush her.  We talked about their day and playing around with my cool moving bed.  Bee asked about why I am at hospital still and not at home, I told them about our day.  Bee asked where baby came out of and I told her.  She made a face, looked at me and said gently "Mommy, don't tell me about this ever again!".

By the end of the evening, Love warms up to baby and was petting his cheeks a few times.  That's a good sign to me.  Before leaving she asked if baby is coming with me when I come home from hospital.  I asked her "do you want him to come", she said "yah, he's our baby!".

At home, the girls check up on him often.  Love is addicted to petting his cheeks.  Even in his sleep she wont leave him alone !  her love language perhaps !  Bee wants to hold baby when he's up looking around.  She said "I want to help so you're not tired".  Sweet !  Bee is very attentive and gentle with baby.  It's quite a joy to see her holding him.  We spend a lot of time talking (mostly the girls) about what baby is doing and why he has no teeth and why he can't eat and when can he play and when can he talk and why he likes breast milk over food and why he's so small and why he sleeps so much...and the list goes on :-)

When baby and I do skin skin time, the girls too stripped off their top and sat next to me :-)  They help us with diaper change and bathe.  It's a whole family affair :)  If baby is up they would talk and sing to him.  We've been keeping to our usual schedule with the girls so there's little change to their daily routine.  I know things will change once this baby is no longer a "new born".  We have some time until then, for now we will just keep doing what we're doing and taking things in stride.

Sleep was another question I get asked and was one my biggest concern as both C and I didn't get much sleep the first night.  However once we're home we managed to put in a few long stretches of sleep between the two of us.  It helps that my mom looks after our dinner.  We're blessed as it's one less thing to worry about.  Both nights now, baby sleeps 3-4 hours, then woke me up for a diaper change and feed, then back to sleep for another 4 to 4 1/2 hours.  Newborn are quite easy to satify, I find.  If they're full they'll sleep.  And if they cry after a full feed then it's wet/dirty diaper.  It's either one or the other.  Milk came in early and plentiful so it does make things a lot easier.

Last night the girls want to sleep in same room with me and baby so C an I decided to fit everyone in.  The girls slept til 7:30am, right through baby's cries.  C woke up twice and nudge me up to ask if I need any help.  I wanted to tell him, if I'm sleeping, it's a good sign I don't need anything.  Instead I told him to relax and sleep.  I know he's being considerate, because if I'm too tired and passed out, I would appreciate this nudge from him very much.  Overall, we're sailing through our first few days on peaceful water.

What is it like at our house right now ?  NOISY !  Like always.  With 2 playful little girls, I don't remember when it was last quiet around here.  This is something baby will have to adjust to !  I make sure since day 1 there's always noise when he sleep so he's can learn to block them out. Right at this moment, baby has been sleeping for over 2 hours with the TV on, daddy is chatting and playing with 2 girls (volume level = loud), and in the background of it all is the kitchen fan humming away with the clanging of pots and pans (prep. for dinner).  He slept right through it all !  Yay !

What are the current challenges for us ?  Keeping the mittens on his hands and cutting his nails.  His fingers are so small, so fragile, but the nails are sharp !  I'm scare I might cut into his skin.  As for the mittens, he moves his hands so much it's so hard to get them on.  Keeping them staying on is another challenge.  That's about the level of difficulty we're facing at the moment.  He's a good sleeper, pooper, pee-er and eater !

Looking back, I remember how our first week at home was so crazy with Bee, our first baby.  We were trying to do everything by the book and it was so stressful and exhausting.  Our days and nights were all a blur.  The purple mark under our eyes tells the stories of our sleep.  Then with the 2nd baby, things were a bit easier because we know what to do, what to expect, what worked for us and we also pay little attention to what "experts said".  It makes for less stress :)  Now here we are again, going through it all again, but equipped with much more experience.  It will be an interesting ride for sure as each kid is different.  Especially with this one being a boy.  

As we ease in this new chapter of our family life I pray daily for guidance and wisdom from the Lord.  I love my kids so much and because I love them so much I also feel the need to give them over to the Lord's care.  I can't hide them away from the world but I can pray over them.  I pray the Lord will watch them and protect them.  I pray He will guide their steps and give them peace and strength as they grow each day.  Amen.