christmas time is here

We're heading out soon for candle light service at church.  I enjoy this quiet time at Christmas, a time to reflect on the year and be thankful for all He's done for us.  I must say while I enjoy candle service, a small part of me I also miss church Christmas production.  Our current church isn't into those kind of thing.  I'm sure there's a reason but I hope they consider it in the future.  Growing up I love singing in choir at Christmas time or play the shepherd or an animal at the manger.  The excitement of opening night and the relief of successfully doing your part.  It's nice to see the church come together, young and old, putting on a production.  I never seem to get bored of the manger scene, the King of the universe came to save me in the most humbling way.

We had some time so I took some pictures of the girls !