HOMEMADE | Case of headlice and tea tree oil prevention

Couple days ago I got the memo from Bee's teacher and I freaked out !  No no no, this can't be happening.  An active case of head lice in her classroom, the newsletter said.  I can't imagine Bee being bit by those critters :S  then I thought about if she got it, we all will get it because we co-sleep !!!!!  Thought of my thick long hair being infested and that I'm about to give birth anytime now, I really can't deal with this now  :(  I am tempted to keep Bee at home until the issue is cleared at school, but for how long ?  that's not sensible.  Seriously, how could this happen ?  We went through 4 months of school lice free !  What happened after the holiday that brings on the bout of this scary critter ?  People traveled during the holiday, yes that must be it.  And if not, there's no point of trying to figure out what happened or find out which kid has it !  The creepy bugs are here and we have to find ways to keep all of us from them !!!!

I did some research around and here're what I found:

- Head lice is not a case of poor hygiene, lice actually prefers clean hair, but they generally like all types of hair !
- They live and feed on the scalp of our head !  And can live 24 hours off the host (us)
- They can't fly or jump, they crawl only (thank God !)
- Lice spread through direct hair-to-hair contact or indirectly by sharing things like hats, combs, hairbrushes, etc.
- They give birth to eggs, called nits and they firmly attached to hair shaft
- They don't spread diseases and don't live on pet (human only)

What are the signs and symptoms of head lice ?

- Tickling feeling of something moving in the hair
- Itching caused by lice bites
- Sores on the head caused by scratching

How did my kid get head lice?

- Head-to-head contact with an already infested person is the most common way to get head lice.
- Head lice can also be spread by sharing clothing or belongings (hats, hair bands, combs, hair clips, towels, etc.) or lying on bed, pillow, sofa or carpet that has recently been in contact with an infested person. This happens when lice crawl, or nits attached to hair hatch, and get on the shared clothing or belongings and furniture.

I grew up in Asia so lice isn't a new thing for me.  Despite knowing what they are, and probably had a farm of them on my head when I was young, I am still gross out by the thought of them.  I never want to see them ever . I am abhor by the thought of them crawling on any of us.

I remember reading somewhere about tea tree oil spray so first thing I did was get the tea tree oil.  C spoke to the pharmacist at Walmart and she suggest we mix together 1 part tea tree oil to 10 part water in a spray bottle.  Shake well before use then spray all over Bee's hair before she goes to school to deter the lice away.  The pharmacist also suggested we put Bee's hair in a tight braid everyday until the issue is cleared.  Done and done !  As for the smell, it is a bit strong but within 15 min. it's not very noticeable anymore.

I've been checking Bee's head everyday after school and praying each time that I don't see anything out of the norm.  I explained to her what we're doing and advised her not to share her hairband or touch her head with other friends.  She listened well as she's been declaring to me once she's home from school "We didn't touch head with anyone today!" .  She meant her friends and her didn't touch head.  So far so good.  I haven't been given a "cleared' notice from the school yet so right now everyday feels like we're playing russian roulette.  That and the tickling time bomb of baby in my tummy right now makes for very anxious day.