bonding time

Heading into the last stretch of my pregnancy so C's been taking over all the night routine.  He bathe, floss, brush, dress and read to the girls !  After he takes the garbage out and walk Toby.  I must say I miss brushing the girls terribly !  They often would make me pause between brush, "ma, stop, can I ask you a question ?",  and ask something silly or say something silly that makes me laugh.  I enjoy being in the kids' presence very much.  I feel they grow a little too fast to my liking.

Latest fad of sayings in our house:

- I love you to pluto !  how far is pluto ?  really far right ?  that's how much I love you.
- You're the best cook ever.  I like all your food ! (she doesn't eat everything I cook)
- I love you to the galaxy
- I love you to heaven
- Mommy I need to ask you a question...(she say this to delay something, like dinner time, or bath time)
- Jesus can help !
- We speak Chinese ! (we speak Vietnamese)
- Why you and grandma yelling at each other ?  (I explained to her when we speak Vietnamese we are just loud, not yelling)

- Stupid is a bad word.  Some kid gonna timed out !
- Stupid means no brain on top (Bee told her that !  They hear the word Stupid on TV)
- Is this this way mommy ?  This way ?  or this way ?  (when dressed herself, she asked what side is in front and what is back when there's no label or tag)
- I love you to rocket ship.
- I love you to pluto far far away
- Stinkle stinkle little star... (I love how she say twinkle)
- Why can't we touch the sky ? We need a ladder!
- Awh, you mad at me
- Awh, you don't love me
- Awh, noboby love me
- Poo poo face
- I am mad at you mommy !  because I am not your mommy !