christmas time is here

We're heading out soon for candle light service at church.  I enjoy this quiet time at Christmas, a time to reflect on the year and be thankful for all He's done for us.  I must say while I enjoy candle service, a small part of me I also miss church Christmas production.  Our current church isn't into those kind of thing.  I'm sure there's a reason but I hope they consider it in the future.  Growing up I love singing in choir at Christmas time or play the shepherd or an animal at the manger.  The excitement of opening night and the relief of successfully doing your part.  It's nice to see the church come together, young and old, putting on a production.  I never seem to get bored of the manger scene, the King of the universe came to save me in the most humbling way.

We had some time so I took some pictures of the girls !

A baby shower for 2

My best friend and I are both pregnant and due about 2 weeks of each other !  It's quite a nice coincidence as we get to be both at home together and our kids will have each other to play with (like our first born, they were 3 months apart).

Over the weekend we had a shared baby shower at our place.  I went into baking mode the night before and was making cookies and cupcakes and more cookies and then burnt some and changed my mind on others and then on the morning off, went and made taro tapioca pudding !!!  My husband reminded me that my friends are not into western sweets like pastries and cakes and cookies, the kids like them, but our friends like asian dessert more.  He asked me "how many times do we ever finished a cake ?  even a small one ?", he's right, there's always so much left over cake.  I love it though, I would eat it for breakfast/lunch the next day :-)  No loss here.  But in this case, hubby meant that I shouldn't bake too much as it's a lot of effort with little yield.  And he's right, few cupcakes and cookies and eggrolls (purchased) went but the taro pudding went fast !  I made a huge pot and the bowl was scrape cleaned.  I must admit though, the taro roots I bought was good (luck of the picking as you can get not very tasty taro) so it was very nice with the coconut milk.  I highly enjoyed it.

I myself likes tea party !  As you can see from past photos, we do a lot of tea parties around here :-)  it's pretty to look at and fun and easy to set up !  Some sweets and/or some savories and some teas and you're set.  Anything goes !  So naturally I thought we should have a tea time after our meat heavy lunch.  While bestie, my kids and I sipped teas, our friends were distracted !  I think if it is a sans kids party, we all would be seating and sipping tea and giggles, but that's not the case with a full house !  Shortly after, I found myself refereeing 2 kids and then everyone else was attending to theirs.  It's normal and natural and expected.  But in the mist of all the busyness, we still managed to talk, to vent, to laugh and eat and drink !  Us women are queen multitaskers :-)  At the end of day, it was nice being in companies with friends while our kids get to run around and have their own fun.  Best part is after 7 hours together, the kids are all worn out and ready for sleep !

For me, I always have a great time with everyone over.  It warms my heart to hear people talking and laughing, kids yelling, and seeing emptied cupboards.  I like seeing my friends enjoying themselves, I like hosting and think it's helps that I have great friends who always lend a hand to clean up during and after the party.