sleep sharing

woke up one morning to find the kids sandwiched between us and one set of eyes staring at me !

I love cosleeping with the kids.  I love having them holding tightly on me and me holding them tightly back.  I like reading to them, I like listening to C reading to them.  we love bed times around here, when we all snuggle up next to each other, the kids would tuck tightly under our arm pit, while one of us reading to them.  When "the end" are announced, they are either both asleep by then or need another 5-10 to fall asleep.  They both are very easy sleeper, something I feel very blessed for.

When the kids are in deep sleep we sometime move Bee to her bed and she most always would crawl in with us in the wee morning.  Our bed settings is like this, up against the headboard is Lovebug, me and then C.  Bee would either be in her room or in a toddler bed at the corner of our bed room.  When she's up would quietly say "mommy om" (meaning "hug me mommy") and magically I'm up (I don't know how I can hear it in my sleep but I do) , then we would hug, I can feel her breathing on me and I can feel my breathing above her head, we would stay like that until sleep alludes us away.

I'm usually the first one up.  I take this time to reflect on things and one of the thing I love most is, looking at my kids peaceful face, the moment is so beautiful.  They are growing up ! I noticed their features are changing, they still look the same but a bit different at the same time.  I see their faces everyday, but only when they sleep would they stay still for me to have a close up view of them.  Lovebug lost most of her baby cheeks.  I can see her cheek bones now.  I noticed Bee got a tiny mold on her upper shoulder.  That's new.  To much sun this summer maybe.

I want to be this close to them for as long as I possibly can.  Until they have enough of us.  Funny how before we have kids, C and I used to think it's so weird that parents sleep with their kids.  Kids should be in their room, sleeping in their own beds, and be independent or learn to be independent of their parents.  Until we have our own kids, we then realized why.  One look at Bee and then Lovebug, I knew I can't be apart from them.  C said he feel safe at night knowing we're all in one room.  I like this cozyness feeling of all of us snuggling and sleeping together.  I love it.