I have very few friends at work, 2 to be exact.  Over the years, I learned the less friends and the less you talk at work is beneficial in the long run.  When you keep everything professional and focus on your work, there's less drama and distractions.  I happened to like my job and like to spend time working !  Strange I know :-)  I try not to share too much about my personal life, where I live, what car I drive, what dwelling I live in, what my husband do for a living, etc.  I noticed the more you share the more criticism you will draw to yourself.  I always remind myself to keep those personal conversations to companies of few.

What I know I learned from experience off course !  There was a colleague whom I talked to often and naturally over the years we gotten to know more details of each other's lives.  It was great to know their hobbies, their up bringing, their opinions, their dreams.  Then one day another colleague kinda make a comment to me, about something I know I didn't tell them.  I found out later the trusted colleague whom I talked to, often share about me with some other colleagues.  That was un-necessary.  And I know, when a convo is repeated from another's, it's never 100% of what was said.  That was my first brush with office gossips.

What will come will come, it's inevitable.  Everyone is replaceable.  It's not over until it's over so don't go making useless assumptions.  I try to stay away from fear mongers  !  We all need to work, we don't know who's going through what, or what other burdens they have, so we all need to kind and thoughtful in times like this.  Know that it's not personal, it's all business.  There will be casualties, it's inevitable.

Morale wise, I feel everyone is down and there's a sense of instability.  I've never been through it so this is very new for me.  The environment is a little different, I don't know how to say it, but there's a change in the air.  Good or bad I've yet to know.  I'm also off on mat leave soon so I won't be able to see how all these will pan out.  But for sure, after 1 year when I'm back things will be different from now.
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