some thoughts on Halloween

The question comes up often when the pumpkins are growing orange in the field.  As Christians, do we or do we not carve pumpkin and dress up and go trick or treating ?

Here's the back history of this night:

I know many Christians opt out, and many goes to children's program at church, and many dress up and go out like us.

The issue here is not black and white and it's more in the gray area.  It's all personal choice and where you stand in front of God.  The short answer is, everything in this world belongs to Him and Him alone.  A man-made event or holiday doesn't make it a "bad" or "satanic" day.  Telling me I'm sinning for carving pumpkin and giving out candies or taking my kids out trick or treating is not going to change me or my salvation.  No one has that right but Christ alone.  I often pray and rely on my intuition when unsure of things.  When something is off or wrong, my heart is not at peace and I know right away the holy spirit is caution or warning me.  I don't feel any uneasiness with Halloween.

In the end, we all are free to make decission on such day without fear of people judging us :-)  I believe Christ love us just the same as yesterday and tomorrow.  I view it as a fun day for the kids to be with their friends, to parade around school, to be with other kids, to visit neighbors.  I remember my childhood with fond memories of halloween with families and friends.  Our families would gather together and my aunt Ninh used to put all of us kids in a garbage bag !  Yup black garbage bag with a slit cut out on the bottom and sides and we put it on like a shirt.  Then when older, I would be in pyjamas and use pillow case to use as bag.  Even if it's raining, my friends and I are out there drenched in the wet cold weather, trying to out number each other on candies collection.  It was fun times.  Maybe it was the era or the people I was friends with, but there was no booze or drug on halloween, not even fire crackers.

pumpkin carving and seeds separating !

trick or treating at the mall !  Cupcake store gives our mini cupcakes !  yum !

our lovely neighbor Marie packed a huge goodies bag for the kids and a sweet card for us !

excited to go trick or treating and showing off their costumes to our neighbors 

10 houses, they went to 10 houses, not even a complete block, and asked to go home.
Bee said she gathered enough candies.   It's good to know when it's enough and stop I guess !  

Today our family do the pumpkin patch visit, pumpkin carving, dressing up and go trick or treating.  We've always make it a family non-scary event.  I never like the scary aspect of halloween and it seems many parents, christians and non-christians alike, opt for the fun/cute/silly version too.  I see all super heroes, princesses, and other characters, but no witches or creepy monsters on the street or any that came to our door.

There is no loss or gain if you participate in Halloween or not.  You are not more or less of a Christian.  I am neutral about it, much like Valentine, an event with lots of sweet too !  It is just a day like every other day, the sun rise the sun set.  You choose to the make the best decission for your family and we for ours.  For our house, we serve the Lord, we meet our neighbors, we hand out candies to kids, check out their costumes and happy faces.  It's happy times all around.