My school list for kindergarten

Bee will be in kindergarten in a week's time !  I didn't realize my little little girl needs so many stuff for school  :-O   here's a short list that I made up while waiting to Mr. Sleep to waltz me away:


- light jacket
- thin jacket
- warm winter jacket
- rain coat


- hat for sunny days
- knitted hat for cold days


- indoor slip-on shoes (school's requirement, to wear in class)
- runners for everyday wear
- dress shoes for special events
- casual shoes
- casual boots for cool days
- rainboots for the rain
- winter boots for the snow

*Mittens & snow gloves !

School gear:

- back pack
- lunch bag
- water bottle
- lunch containers
- snacks containers

Over the summer Bee pretty much worn through many of her clothes !  Most of her leggings are worn at the knees and she grew out of most of her shirts.  Strangely, 3 months ago she has more than enough to wear and now it seems she has little choices :-/  I find myself this month replacing many items in her worn out wardrobe, like tights, pants, leggings, socks, t-shirts, long sleeves shirts, sweaters, dress tops, skirts, dresses, and cardigans !

We can break our little bank getting her set up for school !  and this is just kindergarten :-O