growing leaps and bounds

The girls are growing leaps and bounds this summer.  Lovebug can sing pretty much all children's songs ever existed and rarely do I find her not singing.  She loves to dress up and looks at her outfit infront of the mirror.  I thought she would be the tomboy one but nope, she is as girlie as a girl can get.  Talk about girlie, Bee, who loves dresses and all things sparkles now loves shorts and t-shirts.  Even on cold rainy day she would ask "can I wear short ?".  She is not crazy about dresses anymore which makes me a little phiff because I bought her so many dresses.  That's my own issue really, whenever the kids like something or show interest in something, instead of introduce it slowly, I killed it by dousing them in it.  Well, that's the things with parenting, you live and learn.  You never stop learning.

Lovebug likes to fib !  she makes up a lot of things, like "daddy threw _ (item name) away, because he's mad at me." or "ba (grandma) didn't feed me" or "Bee hit me" !  Of course none is true. I wonder why she made it up, maybe for attention ?  to get a reaction from me ?  she even got a pout to go with each made up complaint.  Drama queen that one.

Bee is at the questioniing stage.  She inquires about just pretty much everything.  Recently we had dinner with my dad, whom the last time I ate with is like almost 30 years ago (we've been estranged since the divorce).  It was weird for me, another long story, but Bee, oh my, she asked "why doesn't ong (grandpa) live with us ?", "why they don't love each other ?", "why there's another lady there ?  and the girl and boy, who are they?".  Explaining why people divorce to a 5 yr. old is complicated, as it just encourages more questions on top of questions and you go round in circle.  I ended our convo with "I already explained it to you, sometime people just want to be friend, and not love each other." then I changed the topic !!!  I realized that I need time to formulate a good answer to her question.  People do break up, parents do break up, and I myself don't even know the exact reason why my parents divorced :-/ other than one day dad asked to be divorced and they signed paper and we moved out.  I never asked, not interested maybe, I was never close to dad to begin with...but now I feel the need to know the reason so that I can explain properly to Bee !

Bee is also on the roll with scaring Love with all sorts of things, like "that's going to bite you", or "there's zombie in the dark" or "you're getting time out for that" or "we're going to go out without you" just so she can see Lovebug cry and run to us and undoubtedly say "poo poo face Bee".  Which is a phrase I'm not fond of AT.ALL, poo poo face anybody isn't nice, and she learned from her big sister :( who claimed she doesn't say it anymore (around us anyways).

Other than a few doubtful words, our kids have been saying a lot of things that make us burst out in laughter.  Like when C asked the girls to stop having a screaming contest in the car because it gives him a headache.  Bee asked, "what's a headache ?", C said "when your brain hurts!".  She said, when they screamed, her brain doesn't hurt so she concluded that "I have no brain then ?".  She also told me the other day that C married me only to have children :-/  and when we pray at night, Bee asked Jesus to "please help make mommy nice", I have to stop our prayer to ask why, she stated, "because you gave me time out and I don't like it", fair enough.  Yeah, the things they say !  Honest honest thoughts, no ill motives, just plain as they come, thoughts.  Bee also reminded that even when she's mad at me, she loves me, and I replied, much like when I have a "talk" with her or give her time out, I love her very much.  Kids, they're the little pockets of sunshine in my day.  I can come home with work on my mind and at the sight of them, everything fades away, they get filed away under "to-do for tomorrow".  Children are such blessings !