unpleasant pregnancy

Like clockworks, the day I found out I'm pregnant, within weeks, nausea came sailing in.  Pregnancy morning sickness isn't just morning for me, it is ALL day and night.  This one is bad, although I remember feeling terrible with the previous 2 too.  I can't eat, can't stand smell of meat, can't stand any smell in general and feel like I'm at sea all day.  If you ever experience sea sickness, this is exactly how I feel.  I found myself pinching my arms from time to time to distract me from the awful feeling I'm experiencing.  I think the nausea might be worse than giving birth !  At least with giving birth you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I don't think contractions and the pushing part takes longer than 2 days.  With nausea, it lasts for days and months and there's nothing I can do to ease it.

Currently I'm taking diclectin but I don't think it's doing anything.  Maybe it is making the sickness a little less worse, but I don't notice it.  My doctor said I can triple the med. but I remember when I doubled it, I was so drowsy I can barely function, I think triple it would make it worse for me.  One evil or the other, I would rather not be under the influence of med.

Due to the nausea, I can't take pre-natal vitamin.  I tried breaking it up and tried kids vitamins and all made me feel worse so I cut them all out.  I try to take 1 folic acid pill every other day and try to take 1 pre-natal vitamin every Friday so I have the weekend to deal with the extra nausea.

I look forward to be able to eat again and to enjoy food again.  Right now I don't like eating nor drinking juice or milk.  I do force myself to eat 3 meals a day to make up for the lack of vitamins.  I crunch on rock salt here and there and enjoy chips.  All the bad stuff :-(  I pray that my baby will be ok.