Mother's day

C took the kids and I out to Van Dusen garden for a walk.  Little did we know, Van Dusen is kinda huge, it's not for a stroll or walk, more like a mini hike !  Everyone I checked was in runners and here I am on wedge.  Yeah...I feel a bit out of place !  I really thought it's a just a stroll around the garden to look at flowers.  I should have google it up first.  Luckily my Aldo wedge sandal was very comfortable.  I can even run in it.

Down the path into the garden, on the left, was this beautiful walk way.  I was mesmerized by the golden canopy of Laburnum dripping down.  It's quite breath taking.  

After Van Dusen we went to Granville Island for lunch and birds watching !  The busker out in the open outdoor sitting area was playing/singing lots of old tunes (90s) which I highly enjoyed :-)  I managed to hum along to a few songs.

After lunch we took the girls to the water park there.  The whole park isn't in full operational mode but they got a few water holes going !  Enough for the few kids there anyways.  Bee was cautious while Love went right in.  Our baby, the 2nd one, attacks everything head first, a free spirit she is; while my first born is cautious, takes time to warm up to things/ideas then enjoy herself.  Kids are so interesting, they are born with certain personality and attitudes about them.  You take what kid you're blessed with and love them and try your best in helping them to grown and flourish.  

In the evening C suggested we go to Guu for my Mother's day dinner !  I want to take my mom out for dinner too so I told my brother to take her and meet with us downtown.  Guu on Robson is the best one out of the 3 or 4 Guu branches around here.  It's my mom and kids' first time there so hearing the waitress yelling our orders to the kitchen freaked them out !  Bee asked "WHY are they yelling ???  so loud" and my mom "I'm going def!".  C and I've been here enough time that we're oblivious to the sound :-)  We just want to eat :D  After an hour, our bellies were full and our taste buds thanked us !  We tried many dishes and each was amazing.  Today was an excellent day.