Bee's "battle scar"

We all heard a loud thumb.  I glance over to see Bee and baby B playing.  She was either dodging or tripping over him because saw her went down and then sat next to the wall.  My other girlfriends were asking in the same time as me, concerned, Are you OK ???".  She didn't say anything.  Bee is shy like that, when there's too much attentions, commotions, looks, she just goes quiet.  I mouth to her "You OK ?".  She nodded.

I puzzled, if she's ok, what was that loud thumb ?  I asked out loud, "Did anyone fall ?"  Then I saw Bee ran across the room into C's arms.  My daughter is hurt.  She must have bump something. I walked over to them. About 3 steps away.

Then I heard C said, "is that blood?", I was like, she must have bit her lips.  C checked her mouth, we didn't see anything.  Then C moved his hand away from her face and I looked at her head and C hand and there was blood gushing out.  My heart sank and went into panic mode.  Her hair was drenched in blood. I was on top of my lung, "BLOOD !!! Oh my gosh blood, Collin take her to the hospital".  I don't remember how loud I was or if I was screaming, but my friends told me to calm.  Love ran to me in tears.  I must have scared her.  I was shaking and C already took off to the hospital (our friend's was a block away from the hospital).

I left a tearful Love with my girlfriends while Kim took me to the hospital.  I ran out of the house and have no idea of where I am.  I lost my sense direction.  Everything was a blur.  I kept walking. My head was whirling around about my baby,  She's loosing so much blood, did she faint on the way ?  Did she cry ?  Is she scared ?  She must.  Oh my sweet sweet baby.

Kim ran out after me, she was yelling at me, directing me where to go.  Cars were whizzing past us.  Stay on the sidewalk I reminded myself.  We can't afford anyone else getting hurt today.

Minutes that felt like hours and we were at the hospital.  I ran in looking for her.  We were running the whole time I think.  I have no recollection.  I saw C holding her head at the triage counter.  The nurse yelled at me, "You're her mom ?  Can you sign her in ?"  I came over.  She needed Bee's carecard and while I was looking into my wallet, for the first time I saw my shaking hands.  I couldn't steady it.

C was done and came over and handed the care card # to nurse.  We have to wait.  Why are we waiting ?  Her head is bleeding.  Do they not see ?  Bee just lay there on C's chest.  C told me, she asked "I am going to be dead?".  She seems OK, I'm a mess.

A nurse and a doctor came and took Bee into a room.  I went in but the smell of blood is making me nauseous.  Kim took me out and a nurse told me to wait in the waiting room because moms get all anxious and it's not good for everyone.  I keep on smelling blood then Kim told me, there's blood on your hand, go wash it.

My hand was covered in dried blood.  No wonder the smell is so strong.  My poor girl.  She's bleeding so much.  I cried and told myself to pucker up.  I need to be brave for her.  I went back to the waiting room and went to check on her.  They were still on the waiting bed.  Where's the doctor ?  I mean, she's bleeding here ?  Then what felt like hours, the doctor and the nurse came back with a tray.  She needed stitches.  Oh my Lord, she has to get stitches.  My baby.

I heard her cried for the first time tonight and my heart ache.  Like the kind you want to pull out of your chest so you can dull the pain.  Then it all stopped.  She stopped crying, 3 stiches and she's done.  They said we can bathe her right away (she's covered in blood).

She looks OK.  I hug her and we went to pick up Love (who's already asleep) and went home.  I gave her a sponge bath that day and we all went to sleep.  It's been a tough day.  

Next morning, Bee was up and I asked her if there's any pain and she said no.  She was her usual self, no pain, no discomfort.  She was running and screaming with her sister by noon.  She told me, "the doctor put more holes in my head (stitches), isn't it cool ?  it's awesome right ?" she pulled her hair apart to show me her scar.  She's really proud of it while I feel so bad that she got stitches !!!  I feel horrible. 

Bee told me later that she hit the corner of the wall because while dodging baby B, she tripped on a towel on the floor.  It's an accident.  I know it wasn't something I can prevent but it's all the same.  As a parent, I feel responsible anytime our child is hurt.  When I see her run I freak out inside !  I know I have to let her be a kid too, can't stop her from running or climbing on things !  I know she will get bumps and bruises but hopefully no more stitches.  

Here we are the morning after !  the little one is all happy and the hurt one is in a deep sleep !