uncle Hoa

All these talks about Mayweather and Pacquiao make me miss my uncle Hoa.  He would have love to watch it.  You see, uncle Hoa used to be a boxer in his younger days.  He was good, he told me, really good !  Whenever we're over for family gathering he would jokingly throwing punches at my husband, "can you handle this ?" he asked, trying to provoke him to play fight.  Uncle loves to watch boxing and any kind of one to one match.  Anyone who sits down with my uncle for a few min. can tell through his broad smile that he loves boxing and it makes him happy.

Another passion of uncle is his love for music.  He self taught himself piano and  guitar and would spend countless hours learning songs.  He can sing too.  His voice was deep, with a lot of vibrato.  It's warm and heartfelt.  I miss hearing him sing.  I miss his loud laugh and his eagerness to share the news he read.  "Chau biet khong..." (Did you know...) he would ask me and then went right on with the answer.  I can't believe it's almost 3 years since he went to be with the Lord.

It's interesting how when we remember people , we remember the things that make them happy.  It's infectious because my uncle's happiness allowed me to share the brief moment of joy with him.  We remember joy and laughter.  A reminder for me to do what makes me happy and to share happiness with the people around me.  Life is short.