mommy on social media

I read it and giggle !  I see a bit of myself in all the types he listed !  He's got it spot on.  There's a bit of it in all of us, some more, some less.  It is what it is, and you just laugh about it.  I try not to post too much, and when I do it's about my girls !  I can't help it but I'm amongst friends so forbearance is expected from all :)  If you look at any mom and dad's fb page, there's surely a picture of their children !!!  We love our kids !  We like to share about them.  If it is too much, then there's always the hide button :-)  and if it's just unbearable then there's the "unfriend" button !  No one should feel upset over someone because they're posting too much.  It's their prerogative.  You have control over your page so you choose what you want to see more and what you want to see less and who you don't want to see.  In the same feeling, don't get offended or upset if you discovered you've been unfriended.  It's a social page, don't take it personally or too seriously.

If someone added me on FB I would take it as them wanting to be apart of my life journey with me.  As I am with them, in their many activities such as getting a new hair cut, new shoes, new car, new house, their favorite food, their favorite restaurant, their favorite band, their latest cake, their modeling pose, their love for hashtags, last night's dinner, selfie, the map of their run, work out pose, their beloved cat, dog,  fish, turtle, their dislike of traffic, their love for books, their thoughts on the world around them, their rants, their regrets, their dating life, their marriage, their kids, and everything else under the glorious sun.  Through their len I get a glimpse of the person, of their interests, their passions and rejoice in their life milestones.

The thing with social media is that everyone on it has an opinion and everyone "think" they're right :)  Pick and choose your battle.  Anything and EVERYTHING can be taken out of context.  A friend often nag me, "you're not responsible for people's feeling".  While it is true, I still think it's good to be considerate of others.  So there you have it, my take on social media, do what you like, what's comfortable to you, don't seek approval or acceptance, and keep it classy !  Social media is a good pass time if you use it sparingly, take it with a grain of salt, read with a sense of humor and most of all, be thoughtful of others.