As I was swaying between walking to work or take the bus, wasting precious time going back and forth, I finally decided to walk.  During my walk I had sometime to ponder and came up with some observations.

Commitment is a good quality to have.  You make a decission and stick to it.  Save you and other from wasted time.  There are a few times where you will need to heed the advices of those closest to you, but many of times, we're on our own.

When we think "commitment", the first thought for many is, relationship commitment, but many areas in our lives require us to be loyal and dedicated.  Commitment to me is like asking "are you a trustworthy person?"

Last I checked, we don't just wake up one morning and became a committed person.  It's the results of practicing to be that, a reliable person.  When we're kids, our parents would model and teach us to keep our words.  We would watch and learn and practice !  We take baby steps at learning how to be committed.  In living out what we said, learning to keep our words, being true to who we are, what we valued and stick to our promises.  As we are steadfast to who we are, the results show themselves in us to the people around us.  We will be a trusted friend to someone, a dependable employee, a loyal partner, and a reliable parent.
Naturally, for many of us, I think it's easier to take the convenience route, to try to get out of something we said in the heat of the moment.  We may get away with it a few times but one too many and people will noticed it and no longer trust us.  When trust is gone, it takes a long time to gain it back.  Words are just words, there's no binding contract, but words are all we got to share with people around us.  Words to people who are close to us aren't cheap.  They mean a lot and to kids, they are everything.  When we value our words, our actions follow.  They're always together.  If your words and your actions doesn't match up, then all is false.

Commitment is a good quality to flex and exercise every day !  Yes some day we will fail, we are but human friends, but don't stay there, get up and give it another go.  To keep trying in itself is commitment :)