fabulous five

Bee turned 5.  She was so happy.  She woke up and said to me "mommy, look at how tall I am ?  look at my big feet ?  I'm so big right ?".  She asked me to call Karsen and Ethni to tell them she's now 5.  They were at school so I told her she can tell them the next time she sees them.

I can't believe she's going kindergarten this year.  I remember her as a baby with very very little hair.  Oh how I miss her already.  This pass year Bee reached many milestones.  She went to pre-school and did so well the first day, not so much the day after, but we survived first week.  Then she attended Sunday's School all on her own !  She made friends at school as well as church and slowly coming out of her shell.  She's "brave now" she said.

I'm so proud of who she is as a person.  She is kind, a good friend, a great sister, and a lovely daughter to us.  Thought of her makes me smile and grinning from ear to ear.  She's a funny gal with a sensitive heart.  She loves playing Sorry and Trouble and matching cards along with other silly games we made up.  She likes to pray along with me and always add to the prayer "please make us healthy and strong".  Bee has a lot of energy so we're constantly finding ourselves trying to keep up with her and trying challenge her.

Bee loves to swim and can swim about 6 feet in distance.  She has no fear of water and a bit of a water bug !  She's very proud of her short distance swimming and tend to show off in front of other little kids.  A little pride is good for her.

We also took Bee on her first cruise ship and that's all she wants to do now.  "Can we go on a boat yet?" she asked monthly, if not weekly.  I asked her why she likes cruise boat so much and she said "lots of food and we're together".  I think she meant she likes that we're trapped on this vessel together for 10 days !  It's all good.  I too want to be together with her always.