a little Hello Kitty birthday party

Months and weeks before her birthday, Bee talks about what kind of party she wants.  Then one night, she declared she wanted a Hello Kitty birthday.  It really threw me off as she's been into Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, My Little Pony and Paw Patrol.  Lovebug seconded the Hello Kitty theme as she think it's Hello Kadie !!!  At 2, she has very little opinion :) she's just happy to have a party !

We're having a joint party for the girls.  I think this is the last time we can have it together because Bee is very specific that she will share this year but would like her own next year.  I sent out a 'save the date' in advance and C decided to have just an all-kids party !  I think our parents and siblings are happy to be excluded !!!  Bee is very excited for her friends to see her turning 5 !

Time passed so fast, I can't believe Bee is heading into kindergarten this year.  She's grown into such a sweet and thoughtful kid.  Always ready to help, always ready to cheer me on and always there to tell me how much she loves me.  She's easy to please, hyper at times, and cautious of things.  Bee has an inquiring mind hence she likes to question everything.  From her constant "why" questions, Bee acquired a lot of info. on a lot of things.  Recently her new thing is trying to be more "brave", as in trying new food and trying to say "hi" to people.  She still haven't worked up the courage to do the calendar at pre-school yet.

Bee is quiet in public unlike her rambunctious sister.  When out at playground or at friend's house, Bee is always there to remind Love to stay close or not to wander too far or run out of sight.  Bee is such a caring sister.  Seeing her grow has been a really joy for me.  

As for Love, she's been talking a lot more.  She loves to sing to Frozen's Let It Go, although it's hard to understand what she's singing but the tune is there :-)  She's learning her ABC and Blah Blah Black Sheep !  Love also learn about time-out this year :-(  She discovered her voice and her volume is always on LOUD.  She's funny and silly and not afraid to tell us how she feels all the time ! I love seeing more and more of her personality.

During the week of the party, at one of my lunch break, I rushed out to Michael to see what they have and since paper are on sale, I bought a few.  That night Bee and I started working on the birthday flags.  I remember I have a stack of white tissue papers so I thought, white pom pom balls are what we will have hanging from ceiling ! that should complete the room decor.  Super cheap and easy.   Next are the food and dessert menu which I got Bee to assist.  She recently ate spring rolls so she suggested I make spring rolls for friends.  We, mainly me, vetoed the final food plan (all vietnamese dishes).  We have about 4 days to get all the food and decor together.  1 1/2 day to prep, cook and bake.

The night before the party, hubby and I put up all the decorations and lay out all the dishes.  Next morning, Bee woke up to a fully decorated room, minus the food, and she said "my birthday party ! so pretty !" and hugged me (hubby sleeping).  I like that she liked what she saw.  Although,  if I just have a few balloons blown up she's happy with it too.  I find kids are happy with anything we do for them.  The decor is more me !  I just have a lot of ideas and the night before they all just blow up in epic proportion so the end result is usually nothing like what I had in mind.

I must say though, my cheapness in wanting to use my stash of white tissue paper and white table cloth made the dessert table kinda "weddingish".  I managed to find some old pink pom pom balls to break up the white.  But all these decor cost me less than $5 !  Can't beat that !

Our girls had so much fun with their friends and that's all parents can hope for.  They enjoyed themselves, they laughed, they cried over toys, they played, they hugged.  They love having friends over.  And of course easy access to candies always make everything better.

Here are some pictures !  If you're planning a Hello Kitty party I hope these will give you some ideas.


How to make tissue paper pom pom balls
Easy homemade cupcake frosting

These were a HIT !!!  kids and adults love them.  How to ?  Follow recipe on Rice Krispies' box,
packed into a rectangular baking pan, when cooled, cut into square, stick in a cleaned/dried popsicle
stick, and then drizzle the front with melted white chocolate and pink sugar.  These went fast !

I had some left over papers from the flags so I made pinwheels with them !  

Bee's friends from the Texas came !  It was such perfect timing as they were in town for some other business and can come to the party.  It was a nice surprise for all of us.  Bee was a very happy girl.  The kids stayed up pass 1 AM playing and laughing !  No one wants it to end but us parents were all very very tired !

Bee and Lovebug were up at 7 am next morning then went back to sleep, C lost his voice and I was sleep-deprived !  But by noon we regained some strength for some more post party fun :-)

The after picture of the dessert table, when all the toys moved in!