troublesome two

Love just welcomed her 2nd birthday.  We had a small celebration for her with just our family.  I don't know if she knows it's her bday but she walks around saying  "happy Kadie" !  I pulled out the camera to snap a few pictures of her.  She's a mover so all the shots were candid, which were perfect because they captured her.  I can't believe she's 2 but I also feel like she was 1 for such a very long long time.  How is it that time seems to flew by so fast yet so slow in the same time.

Mr. C said to me last night, "can you believe it ? 2 years ago she didn't exist, we have no idea what she looks like or how she is".  I can't imagine a world without Love in it.  I feel like she's been with me all along. she once never was here and now here she is, all cute and kissable and all things wonderful.

Love is a lover of food.  When I think of her I see her with a mouth stuffed with food.  She takes such big bite that girl !  when Love was 6 months old, an age when she's ready to tip toe into solid food, she refused mashed up baby food and went directly into picking up and munching on adult food with her 4 teeth.  I was worry her little tummy can't digest our food so I over cooked our food to help her out.  In any given day, she would have her usual three meals, where she eats whatever we're having, and in between she'll have an apple, a banana, half an orange, crackers, mango cranberry trail nuts mix, a pack of dried seaweed, a bowl of Greek yogurt, 4 vitamin gummies, a plate of chips, and a bowl of cereal (as a snack).  She's just shy of 30lbs, almost the weight of her soon to be 5 sister.  She's always been adventurous and willing to try anything, even dark kale and spicy dried fish.

Love is a happy silly little girl.  She's an affectionate child and very expressive of her feelings.  Very firm in decision too.  She's not easily persuaded.  When she's sad about something she'll makes sure we know it.  She would crawl up to me or C to show us her sad face and pouty lips.  When mad she would yell "boo boo mommy" or "boo boo nana" or "boo boo daddy" then run off to cry behind a door.  We would leave her to resolve her emotion and "talk" to her about why she's mad when she comes out.  Most day, she's a happy child who loves to smile, make funny faces, scary faces and walk around with 2 arms out like zombie.  My eldest told me they learned about zombie from Karsen and that "we love it".  Um...I don't think they know what zombie really looks like.

Words Love can say in English and Vietnamese:
- Chi (sister)
- Mommy/Mama
- Daddy
- Ba (grandma)
- Ca/Fish
- Wah wah (water)/Nuoc
- Dirrrty
- Hellokitty
- Egg
- Me
- Sock
- Help
- Nope
- Ngu (sleep)
- iPad
- Big iPad (tv)
- Phone
- Babby (Barbie)
- Anna 
- Dap men (cover)
- Cho/Dog/Tobby
- Hum (home)
- Poon (spoon)
- An/Eat
- Di ia ah (washroom)
- Na na (sister)
- Uong (drink)
- Apple juice
- Milk
- Bye bye
- Ilub yo (I love you)
- Zombie
- Picca boo
- Thit ga (chicken)
- Nu (sleep)
- Hello
- Om (hold)
- My
- Tandy (candy)
- Toy
- Choo choo
- Come
- Go
- No no
- Pider (spider)
- Hoppi (happy)
- Sawie (sorry)
- Amen
- Day (here)

Love can combine words together, like "daddy hum", or "my toy", or "come mommy", "mommy help kitty", etc.  She can point to all her body parts when asked in Vietnamese and English.  What she can't say she will point and act it out.  It's like we play charade everyday :)  Love seems to have a good grip on what's going on around her and understand simple words.  We played a made up game, Green, Red, Orange (go, stop, slow down) and she understood each command, when she can run, when to slow down and when to stop.  She can even play hide and seek with the fam.  Although when she hears "where are you?" she would run out and yell "day day" !!!

As a 2nd child, who is old beyond her years, we sometime forget that Love is still a baby and baby have "accidents" :) Love doesn't sit on high chair, doesn't wear bib and doesn't like to eat with kiddy utensils (plastic).  She prefers to drink milk in a glass cup and eat from a ceramic bowl.  She has yet to break anything, which amazes me still.  She's been doing so much stuff on her own that we sometime forget she's only 1 and a bit !  Everything happened so fast with this girl, she's stood up at 6 mnths, then started walking around 8 months and from then on she doesn't want to be held anymore.  It's so sad for me !  I wanted to hold on to her just a bit longer, hug her and squeeze her and hold her til my arms hurt.  I didn't get to rock her to sleep like Bee.  Love just take herself to bed and sleep.  She's so independent.  Ah, my girl is now a big 2, silly troublesome 2 !  I rather troublesome than terrible :)  I pray the Lord will watch over her and protect her.  I ask for patience and wisdom for me and C as we guide Love daily.  It's going to be another fun year !