1. Lacking conscious awareness; unmindful:

I discovered long ago that I'm oblivious to snide remarks, cruel intentions or disdainful/condescending comments.  They all just flew by, above my head :)  without touching me !  People would say means words to me and I wouldn't know it, and instead, I'm sure, I increase their dislike for me by returning with a smile or keep on talking as if we're friends.  I just genuinely like people and I don't care so much about what they think about me.  I like them because I just do.  People can go on hating me and I would have no clue.  Friends would say to me "I can't believe she said/did that !" and I would be like "what ?  what's wrong with what she said ?".  Should people feel the need to be rude or mean, I'm sure they must have reasons for it.  I'm pretty sure we misunderstood each other some how and we will come around to talk about it.  If not, it's ok too.  It does no damage to me.  As my mom would say, "water off the duck" !  I might be living in denial here but it has contributed to a very free life, non stressful life, for me.  I live how I want to live, above all criticisms !  

I must point out though, that while I like people and like getting to know people, it doesn't mean I that I condone everything.  I like people to play nice to each other too.  If I have to roll up my sleeves and jump in to defend what's right and true, I would.