Frozen Elsa dazzling dress purchases

Bee is fanatic, hog wild, about Elsa (Frozen) !  I have yet to meet any kids (preschooler age) who aren't.  We watched the movies more than a hundred times already and my head on a constant repeat play mode with "let it go" and "do you want to built a snowman?".  Whenever I'm in the bathroom, behind closed door, Bee would sing through the door's gap "do you want to built a snow man ?".  Until the next Disney's hit,  I think Elsa will be a part of our family for the next while.

Bee loves Elsa's dress.  She asks me for one whenever we watch Frozen, or see any Frozen's products at the mall or other kids with a Frozen t-shirt/shoes.  Anything that reminded her of Elsa reminded her that she "needs" an Elsa dress. Why ?  because Elsa is brave, she has power, and she has a pretty dress !!!  Hearing enough of her "reasons" and I partially wanting her to have one too, I decided I'm going to get her one.  Bee is rough with her play-dress-up dresses, so I can't justify paying so much for something that will get ruin with days.  What a mama to do ?  I googled cheap Elsa dress :)  and amongst the search results, was

I shopped here once or twice before.  If you never been, it can come across as overwhelming because there's just so much stuff on it !  My first impression with this website was > is the seller trustworthy ? they're a world away, they can send me junk and I'm stuck with it !  There's buyer protection from the site but it's one of those "open a dispute" kind of clause and I dread it !!!  It's safe to say, shopping on this site is "buyer beware".

Will your info. and credit card get compromised on such site ?  No, the company itself is secure.  They are on the stock exchange so it's legit (?).  It's just the sellers on the site that you need to care for, if the image is exact of the item itself, ship out on time, etc.  It's kinda like ebay, minus the bidding :)

The thing you should keep in mind with Aliexpress is that you never know what you're going to get.  The material quality, the fit, and the print quality.  So it's important to read reviews.  Also, the shipment ETA (estimated time of arrival) is unpredictable (most, if not all, are ship from china, like everything else).  Don't order and expect it in two weeks.  I suggest give it a month or two at least.   I look for FREE SHIPPING to Canada.  Just because shipping overseas are costly.

The reviews tab is there for a reason.  READ READ READ REVIEWS.  It's the only way to know about the item's quality and fit (and sometime the length of shipment).  I try to avoid anything with less than 4 stars.  Keep in mind also, that quality is subjective between people, but there's a "decent, good enough" median that we all can agreed with ! so don't expect Gucci if you paid for George :)

*Below are my orders (free shipping to Canada) and both came in less than 2 weeks after payment.

This one, the reviews said it fits small so I ordered a 6.  It's a tad big on Bee (she's 4).  A 5 would have been a perfect fit.  It's not a 'Disney' dress, so don't expect too much.  However, I must say that the quality of the dress was more than "decent", it was good.  It even have a layer slip, which I didn't expect.  Bee loves this dress as it looks like Elsa's dress.  She wants to wear it to school but it's too long (touching the ground), so I ordered a different Elsa dress for her to wear to school :)

This dress fits true to size !  Bee is 4, I ordered a 4T and it fits her with a bit of room.  It's really cute and the quality was alright.  Good fabric and good stitching.  No complaint.

The website also have a lot of Anna's dresses too.  I'm planning on napping up one for Bee for days she feels like Anna (not too many but it's fun to play dress up :)  If you do plan to order these for Christmas, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later.  This way, even if shipping is slow, you are still in the clear !  Have fun dressing up your little Elsa and Anna :)