Baby Love, my baby love

Lovebug grew so much this past summer.  Which also means taking care of her is becoming easier too (but on come new challenges :)   She no longer cry when we strap her into her car seat, can sit for a good distance, she can feed herself (with spoon/fork), drink from a cup, and she tells us when to change her (she points at us to get our attention then points at her diaper).  We can point and sign to each other.  Things are definitely looking up !  Although she's still not ready for formal restaurant yet !  Bubble tea joints are still our frequent hangout  :)

Her current vocab:
- mam, mammy
- dad ddy
- yaya (can't pronounce her sister's name yet)
- molk (milk)
- jus (juice)
- no
- jeet (cheese)
- bubba (bubble)

- ba
- cho
- om
- noc
- thit ga
- me

I feel like she can understand more than she speak.  She's learning to sound out what we said and reading our expressions.  She can point out her eyes, mouth, tongue, nose, ears, head, hair, tummy, bum bum and can show how old she is, with her finger, when being asked "how old are you?".  I can ask her to go to her dresser and get me a new shirt or pants, to put her toys away, to get her own bowl and cup.  When she's thirsty or hungry she would grab hold of my hand and lead me to the kitchen and sign to open the fridge.  Once opened, she would point at the milk, or water if she wants a drink.  She would point at the fruits, cheese or whatever in the fridge that she wants to eat.  It sure makes life a lot easier now that she knows what she wants and at the least, point us where to get it for her :)

She's maturing a lot faster than what I remembered of Bee.  She's no longer a baby :(  Seeing her running around in a PLAYGROUND, climbing up stairs and going down the slide all on her own, makes me realized she's like a toddler now !!!  It still feel strange for me some day, seeing her running around, running towards me and yell "mammy !"  17 months ago I didn't even know what she looks like and now here she is, running, screaming, talking, attempting things.....Aish, don't grow too fast love !