camping with kids

We love being in the outdoor !  Camping is our must do every summer.  Lovebug went on her first camping trip when she was only 6 months old.  I brought along an Ergo carrier and a walker so I can be hands free.  We had such a great time.  If you plan to go with a baby, a playpen and a carrier is a must have.  Carrier is great for walk and hike, and the playpen is great for baby to nap or crawl around in at the campsite, freeing you up to do your own things.

The second thing that's dreadful while at camp is MOSQUITOES (first is Out House !!!!).  Them blood suckers love young meat :-(  If you're bringing baby and young kids, it's good to invest in a tent that's has a net room attached or buy a standalone net tent (bug tent).  You can get those spray on stuff but if it can be avoided it's better as they're not good on kids.

Here on the west coast, I like camping in Golden Ears and Sasquatch provincial parks.  They have beautiful lakes, lots of green spaces, are not too far from the city but far enough that cell phone doesn't work !  Booking has to be done 3 months in advance and they are usually all booked up during the first hour that registration is open.  The campground has some first come/first serve sites but it's a shoot in the dark.  I wouldn't attempt it with the kids along.  Reason is they will be too excited and if we can't secure a site then they will be disappointed then whined over it and we'll hear it the whole way back home.

Below are some pictures of us at Alouette Lake campground in Golden Ears.  We went in a group of 6 families !  Our site unfortunately have no shower so to keep cool and clean we go in the lake each day :-)  The kids had such a blast running around in the wood, climbing on tree stumps, swimming, boating and digging in the sand.  Us parents get to relax, eat, sit around, enjoy each other's companies and enjoy nature.  When we were there it was during fire banned time so we had lanterns & candles going at night, played charade and attempted to roast marshmallows on the candles.  Lots of laughter all around.  Camping is such a great time to bond.

Getting ready to go to the lake

Fish watching !  C caught some small fishes for the kids to look at (we released them after)

Getting ready for soccer !

Worse part of camp !  Out house !  Glad I brought mask along.