my date for a day

C emailed me at work and asked if I'm working Friday.  I told him I'm off and he told me he's going to take a day off work to take me out on an all day date !  I must say I was surprise and like always, a butterfly fleeting feeling in my tummy :)  I get happy at the thought of him.  Even though I see him every day and sleep next to him every night, every time we're meeting up or going somewhere together, I get this excited, nervous, anxious, happy feeling at the pit of my belly.  If I was meeting him for lunch I would scan the crowd and my heart just soar when I see him.  I don't know why, that's just how I feel.  Some people asked me how I maintained it, and honestly I don't know !!!  Perhaps we just spend a lot of time talking and being in each other's presence !  One of those, the longer we're together the deeper our love grow.  So sappy I know !  you can go vomit if you want :)  It's not like we don't have hardship, we do, but we often talk it out.  No hidden feeling or agenda or anything.  Full disclosure all.the.time.  We are very protected of us and our family so we don't let anything "off" go unnoticed. 

Hours spent talking at a quaint coffee/general store.  I love the old feeling/look of  this place, le Marche St. George.